Jathuson Jegatheeswaran, MHIS candidate, Health Information Science, Western University

My name is Jathuson Jegatheeswaran, my
degree is in Health Information Sciences, and I’m focusing on health informatics. I
came to Western, mostly because of my supervisors, my supervisors allowed me to
explore the fields that I was most interested in, and I’ve also
done my undergraduate degree here, so I was familiar with the campus and I
understood a lot about the campus beforehand, and the opportunities, and it
allowed me to network with in clinical settings to develop my professional
career, and so that’s what I believe truly is the reason I selected Western.
Because Health Information Science is relatively new and upcoming field, it
allows me to explore a lot of areas that have not been tapped yet, and so I’m
interested in health information technology specifically, and I’ve taken
many courses as a result of this program that helped me sort of, get to the next
places that I need to go to. To me, the supervisors and its ability to adapt
to what your interests are, so like just help policy, health informatics, there’s
health information technology specifically, there’s a knowledge
translation, just so many areas within health information science that can be
tapped, and based on what you’re interested in, they will cater towards you. The
community that we have, it’s a very helpful community, I mean every job
I’ve gotten has been as a result of my the classmates, or my supervisors, or just
just random encounters that I’ve met with in the Western community, because
everyone’s so helpful and I tried to do the same thing, because I’m a Western
graduate student and I want to, you know, help this community as well, other than
that, Western also is beautiful, like out of all the campuses that have been too,
just that you know the nature, the scenery, that it makes you want
to go here and it makes you kind of proud of being a Western graduate
student. You focus on your academics, that’s very important, and if you want to
take your academics and go into rigorous studies such as PhD or in academia field
then that’s great, but if you’re looking to get into the workforce, then I
would suggest that take your academic courses, but also do the networking and
do find the opportunities that will that you can leverage into the career force.