IUAES 2019 Inter-Congress in Poznań

The Inter-Congress of the International Union
of Anthropological and Ethnological Union which is the oldest and the biggest international association of ethnologists
and socio-cultural anthropologists has been organised in Poland
for the first time. It has been attended by almost
750 people from 60 countries. We will discuss the ways
in which anthropology studies various manifestations
of solidarity or the lack of it. We are currently observing
the increasing lack of solidarity. Xenophobia, nationalisms,
violence against the weakest ones isolationism, building walls and setting barbed
wires to isolate certain groups. These are the things
we want to stand against. Our aim is not only
to diagnose the situation but also to search for
certain solutions for the future. We want to move beyond
the anthropocentrism in our thinking about the
need for solidarity, commonality, care and reciprocity which are so
much needed in contemporary world. We wanted, of course, to
refer to the idea of solidarity, which is so much related to Poland. Inviting so many guests
from all around world we have also asked for solidarity
with anthropology as a discipline which has been erased
from the list of officially approved scientific
disciplines in Poland. In this way we all demonstrate
that anthropology is alive and recognized all
around the globe now with the only
exception of Poland.