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welcome to Introduction to Sociology. Each one of us is dealt
a different hand in life. But no matter our circumstance,
we all face similar questions when it comes to human behavior. How do conflicts and prejudices develop? Why do we like one person
and dislike another? What are the conditions that lead to
the particular hand we have been dealt? Through discussion, readings,
and interactive activities, this Introduction to Sociology class
will cover many diverse issues, including cultures, relationships,
deviance, the economy, racism, sexism, social change, and how
globalization functions. What happens, perhaps,
if you do not follow the mainstream social norms dictate? Institutions and organizations
affect our lives daily. Although this class will only
examine the tip of the iceberg, our goal is to start to
recognize the influence of larger systems on our daily lives by thinking
with something called “the sociological imagination.” My name is Joanna Hadjicostandi, and
I’m honored to be your instructor. I look forward to guiding you through
deciphering the science of sociology and how we can use it to make sense of
the world around us– despite the fact that we all probably consider
ourselves experts on life. I hope that this course
will inspire you to continue seeking more and more knowledge
about the social world. So welcome future sociologists, and
get ready to explore the sociological imagination. Namaste, [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH], yassas. [MUSIC FADING]