Introducing The Christian Science Monitor Daily

At The Christian Science Monitor we think
it’s time to rethink the news. Frankly, so much of what happens in news enters
the spin cycle of social media… Overlooked in the flood of daily headlines…. Rather than getting it to the day to day churn
of the news, the froth… Forms of conventional wisdom that don’t really
have any basis in fact. People need to challenge themselves to see
what’s really going on. News is essential. News is the fuel for a thriving democracy,
it protects our rights and our values, it takes us to people and to places that we’ve
never seen. But, what happens if the news becomes something
else? What happens if it becomes just a place to
vent? What happens if it doesn’t value our differences,
but instead, it plays on them to divide us even more? What happens when it preys on our fears because
that’s the best way to get us to click? What happens when news ignores the best of
us only to dwell on the worst? News is about so much more than facts. News is the story of us. It’s the story of our struggle for dignity,
for justice, for fairness, for compassion, for progress. That path is rarely straight or easy, but
news is the story of how we, day after day and year after year do the best we can to
make our homes and our communities and our world better. This is how we want to deliver on that promise. We don’t want to be just another news publication
that’s giving you that day’s headlines. We want to add perspective. Addressing the why of what happened as opposed
to the what. Your inbox is filled with what. We want to answer the question, “why does
this matter?” You just got, it just had this sense of a
moment that encapsulated so much. And on stories that you’ve already heard before,
we want to add perspective so you can connect the dots even better. Our approach to that story would be, “how
do we understand the world from their perspective?” And we want to meet you where you are. Whether that’s five minutes or an hour that
you have to spend each day. We’re going to give you the whole story. The Monitor needs everyone who’s tired of
news that underestimates who we are. This is about nothing less than a revolution. The Monitor believes that each one of us can
be force for good, not a part of the problem and we hope that you’ll join us.