Introducing Communications Biology

The titles of our three new
Communications journals reflect our position within the Nature Research
family of journals. We launched the journals to fulfill a specific need for
broad but selective open access journals for researchers who wish to publish in
and are confident in quality of Nature Research journals. Our journals follow
Nature Research best practice policies workflows and guidelines. We apply the
same level of editorial rigor to our processes, but look for less broad
interest and significance than the nature branded journals including Nature
Communications. When I heard about the new journal and that it would be a broad
scope biology open access journal I was really interested in getting in on sort
of the ground floor of something and starting something new. But we’re very
different from the other Nature journals in that we are open access, we
are online only and we do have working academics as part of our editorial board
to help us to reach all of those subject areas within biology and to have the
necessary breadth of expertise that we need within the journal. So in submission
we are looking for a meaningful advance to specific fields which brings some biological insights at a higher level. Unlike other Nature branded journals, we do not require really broad readership or mechanistic details. We are aiming to achieve a fast, streamlined publication. I
think we are different from other journals in that we really keep our authors’ best
interests in our heart. Once we are committed to certain manuscripts, we do
our best to help the authors navigate the entire publication process. The aim of
Communications Biology is to publish a wide range of biological research, so
right now we’re really excited about the diversity of topics that we’ve already
covered in the articles that we’ve published so far and as well in the
articles that we’ve got in the pipeline. So, we’re looking at topics that range
from neuroscience to ecology and evolution from biophysics to plants and
we’re just really looking to kind of keep that diversity going as we move
forward. We apply slightly less stringent criteria than the other Nature journals,
so if you were to submit your manuscript to for example Nature Communications
it doesn’t quite meet their editorial threshold, then Communications Biology
would actually be a really great home for your article. Our editorial board
members come from all over the world and from all its sub disciplines within
biology. We’re really excited to share Communications Biology with the world
and I encourage anybody out there who wants to contribute to the journal just
reach out to me if they have any questions