Internationales Paar plant ohne Flugzeug erste Weltreise. Wer sind wir?

(Video mainly in German)
S: Hoi hoi. Welcome to our channel.
D: (Japanese) Hello guys! Happy New Year! My name is Daichi. (German) My name is Daichi. S: My name is Stefanie.
(Japanese) My name is Stefanie. First of all, I would like to thank you for stopping by. D: Thank you so much!
S: Since this is our first video together, we would like to introduce ourselves first. I, Stefanie, was born in Germany and have spent most of my life in a small town. Well, the Japanese would rather say ‘village’. I went to school for years as usually every kid there and always imagined how it would be elsewhere. D: Well, I’m Daichi and I come from Japan, more precisely from Fukuoka, which is in southern Japan. Now I’m studying chemistry (master program) at a university in Germany. Because my course is in English, I’m not that good in German. My hobbies are mainly traveling and listening to music and doing sports, .. yes, etc. I am happy that we can show you our channel.
S: By the way, I got recently my bachelor’s degree and can now theoretically call myself a biologist and japanologist. And no, there is is no university in my small hometown. For this, I moved to Bochum, where we both study at the ‘RUB’ (university name). I am actually still registered until the end of March. There are several reasons for this. Because that’s how I get the ‘NRW ticket’. You can use it to travel all over NRW (federal state) by public transport. The health insurance contributions are cheaper and I also attend a course that really interests me. Bochum is much than my hometown, but I think the Japanese would rather say small town? D: Yes, I would say medium.
S: Ok, right. In addition to this experience, I have also been able to visit other countries, such as Spain, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Peru .. I hope I have not forgotten anything now. (Yes, I have: France and Japan). But if I add transfer airports, I think I was also in Denmark and 8 hours in Toronto, Canada. I got the travel bug. Which countries have you already visited? D: First in Europe: France, Switzerland, of course Germany, and Holland. And in Asia: Thailand and Vietnam and China. Yes, that’s it. S: Thailand is actually really popular among the Germans but in fact I’ve never been to Thailand. Much worse, I’ve never been in the southernmost south of Germany, so not Bavaria or anything and yes, I’m ashamed. D: I’ve been to both Europe and Southeast Asia, and I’ve noticed that both regions are like totally different worlds. Yeah, totally different. But I like both very much! That’s why I believe that there are still so many interesting countries in the world. This is how we come back to the title of this
video, because we are planning a trip around the world from April.
S: Exactly, we’ll do that! But our desire to travel to new countries is not the only reason. But we will explain all the reasons in another video for you. And also explain a bit later in this video. And yes, in the new video, we will also explain why we want to travel without any airplane. Exactly, without a plane! D: Yeah, maybe we’re a little crazy. But there are so many people who have planned to do something like this and had success with it.
S: What can you expect from this channel? (S+D): We still do not know exactly. S: But of course we have ideas. Since we both have never made a trip around the world and I have only recently started using YouTube, social media, cameras, etc. I don’t really know what can be practically done while traveling. But we are very interested in the cultures and people of the different countries, which is why we would like to record such insights, e.g. also in the form of interviews. Or we visit historical places and tell a little about them. To save money, we will also camp in nature, among other things. It would also be nice to have drone shots from a bird’s eye view. But there are so many different laws that just completely confuse me. And that also makes it difficult for me to make a purchase decision. For example, there is now also the DJI mini on the market. It is said to be able to bypass some of these complicated and (for me) stupid laws because it weighs under 250 grams. But unfortunately, among other things, the image quality is not so good and that is why the decision is not easier for me now. If you know anything, please write it in the comment section. I would appreciate it. And speaking of nature and people. We are also interested in the realtionships between people and the environment. Because of one YouTube Video, I have watched once, I got to know that big cities in India are “full of waste”. In that video, I watched, there were foreign volunteers who cleared some of the garbage there while the Indian population just stood by and watched. I find it quite interesting that they don’t seem to have a proper waste disposal system, which would be better for the environment. Each country is simply different and that’s why we all have to start thinking outside the box and not taking everything for granted.
D: Yes, that’s right. Japanese, for example, don’t travel abroad (so much). This is something that I personally find very unfortunate. And the exchange and experience are very important in order to be able to reflect and improve yourself. S: I was on a language study trip to Japan and this experience changed me so much – of course for the better. The culture is just so different! I learned so many new things, for example that a little more politeness would do the Germans good. Unfortunately, it also happens to me in Germany that I become rude. But as Daichi says, this island life also has its disadvantages. Even if you don’t have to travel to develop your personality, it helps a lot to take a look at other cultures, because then you automatically start to compare. For the first time, you discover new things in your own country for that you were otherwise blind to or that seemed just natural to you. And then you realize that your own little world, in which you previously lived and which you believed to be worldly law, was only an illusion. Cultures are man-made. And it is only natural that you feel most comfortable in the culture in which you grew up because it is the most familiar. But I find it insane to hold onto one’s own culture so tightly and desperately do not wanting it to change onwards. Because if you think carefully, the culture that has had so many changes before you were even born into it, that it could only become that culture which you are trying so hard to protect. But the culture is always changing. Sometimes slower, sometimes faster, sometimes inconspicuous, sometimes more obvious. Culture doesn’t just stop. People change and so does the culture. Because, as I said, culture is man-made and nothing that came with the big bang and was provided for us at different places. So don’t be shy, be curious and open to new things! Oh, and that was not only true for the Japanese, but it also applies to the Germans and also to the other human inhabitants of the world. No country is perfect. But we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in other countries and cultures and to rethink our own lifestyle, to pick what is good for us from the countries and to improve.
Surely you also want to know which countries we want to travel to. You will have to be patient because we will tell you in a new video.
D: But we can now say that we will go on a half-year tour of Japan when we get there. If the money is enough.
S: If the money is enough, right. D: Yes.
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D: (what Stefanie had just said before in Japanese again.) (Japanese) (Japanese) S: Daichi just translated, what i have just said before. And speaking of language. Wer are still considering how we want to linguistically design and implement the videos. It is obvious that i prefer German and for Daichi it is the easiest to speak Japanese. Abroad we will also have to speak English more often. So we still have to figure out how to manage the language problem. The subtitles are in the video settings. You can turn it on and off, as you prefer. We end our first video and thank you for watching this far. We are very honored. D: Thank you. (Japanese): Thank you!
Finally, also a happy new year! S+D: (Japanese): Happy new year!
This channel is one of our good resolutions for the new year. What are your plans? Tell us. We wanna hear 🙂
We say goodbye. See you in the next video. Byeeeee!