Integral of sin^2x(with english captions)

so hello and welcome back!today in this video
i am going to integrate sin^2x so it is an even power there is a method to convert the
sin^2x into a term having only one power so there is a method called power reduction formula
it is as follows sin^2x=1/2(1-cos2x) so we are going to use this formula and remember
we always have to use this formula when we have 2,4,6..(even number) in the power so now it is very easy to integrate just keep
1/2 outside because it is a constant so no worry so it will be one times dx is x and integration of cos is positive
but we have negative ahead so it will be -sinx and divide by 2 because we have 2 attached
to x so answer is 1/2(x-sin(2x)/2)+c and it is complete