Instant Egghead Outtakes 2013

But microbes don’t only eat oil. Microbes
is a hard word. Is what I am learning from
this one. Let’s not do microbes again;
damn biology.
For once, it’s best not to be special.
Here’s to being part of the herd. That’s terrible. The closest thing we have
to a law governing space is the outer space treaty: a law first drawn up in…oh
damnit what it where… If a trait helps an organism produce
offsprings…if a trait for an organism helps… Evidence from chimpanzees
exist…it exists.
This suggests that the ancestor err ahha.
A test, a deadline at work, a difficult conversation…a traffic jam…I don’t
know why I am having trouble here. Ahh…the autumn season…crisp
temperatures…awh man The autumn season: crisp weather, layers
of clothing and the beautiful color trees; it’s okay. So chimps who have less
gray matter…oh…??????????? Visi…no. Journeying into the valley
often elicits an emotional err…damnit
As well as the kinds of sugar an amino
acid that you go into the reaction. You go
into a reaction? Exoplanets are faint and
tiny; so must are directed by in-detect methods…in-detect? But the most
immediate consequences of sleep deprivation is that we can think as well
and some rechearchs…re – chearchearchers
What’s a rechearhs? It can relieve stress,
bla…sorry. It can relieve stress, lower ba…God, I can’t. It can lower blood
pressure. Is it Nevadah or Navadah? Ahh… If you pull lightly on the slingshot, the
projectile won’t go very far. (plays ukulele). Feel that, it’s manmade
earthquake…want me to do it again. I hope no one ever sees this video. Why does
orange juice…oh bleep…why I put it down? Greater force equals greater
distance. I was just gonna… okay. For Scientifc American, instant egg…
What’s it called? For Scientific American, Tina Finemaryn. For Acientfic American…
For Scientific American, 60 second egghead , I’m Larry Greenmyer…cut. For 60 second
…sigh. (Whisper) For Scientific American , instant egghead, I’m John Matson. Can I
do it again? Yeah. Good. You gonna keep
keep all these outtakes right.
conclusion: (background music).