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a pilot program at a local elementary school is a success hear from those who
are a part of this awesome undertaking, plus several TCS student-athletes will
be able to continue their education and plane careers in college and a local
team has brought home a state title we’ll tell you who they are all this and
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Schools I made him a Clinton the book buddies program at Martin Luther King
jr. Elementary School is making a difference in the academic success of
students here’s more the Betty’s is a program where we match
a volunteer tutor with a child at a school who is reading significantly
below level and needs extra help so we have volunteers working one-on-one with
the children and then we have a teacher who is taught reading for a significant
amount of years writing all the lesson plans for the children and the teacher
it’s been great this is rotaries hundredth anniversary
and we wanted to give back to the community and so we decided to focus on
the third grade reading initiative in the city schools every kid doesn’t
necessarily have all the same opportunities that everyone else has and
just wanted to give him the opportunity to read to me every day and accelerate
as much as he possibly could the children started all significantly below
1st grade level and they’re now reading I would say well into first grade like
at about 1.7 so we’re hoping that many of them will pitch want by the end of
the year but we are going with the same four components that Alabama reading
initiative had which are reread a familiar text work on phonics write
something in your journal and then read a new text I think this program is
really improving with my students as far as confidence a lot of my key is don’t
give this extra time at home so their confidence is through the roof they only
come on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:15 but you don’t have to come back
days you could come just Tuesday from 315 to 4:15 or just Thursday and at last
eight weeks each semester so that’s just a commitment of eight hours a lot of my
kids are excited every day to see their book buddies they look forward to seeing
them because it’s like they have a role model and they look forward to seeing
them Avery it sucks man you can’t wear it with me
LF some typical or nice toasty I really don’t have anyone so I kind of rotate in
case we need extra so I’ve had several young people that way but mine my
Thursday is stormy and she’s a sweet little girl who’s done great she’s been
a pleasure to work with well it’s been real enlightening because the Malakai
was a great kid he’s eager to learn he because he don’t
get tired teaching me well I mean reeling trailer that makes me tingle
because he’s the one putting in all the effort and so yeah it’s exciting the
results are amazing and it’s not because of the excellent lessons that I ride
it’s not because of the extraordinary kids which they are but it’s because of
the one hour that they get with an adult twice a week just for them just talking
about the specific skill that they are working on just reading a certain book
that they’re interested in and it’s it’s just a miracle
what’s what’s happening I think they’ve done great to watch the progress and
watching them read and liking to read it’s been pretty incredible it’s like
I like to read a lot of my kids have shown growth whether it is ten words
with first grade that’s a lot of improvement some of them have jumped
from ten to twenty words and accuracy a lot of my kids can’t read fluently and
that’s a really big step in first grade like to pick out a book and I would like
to read words a group of air force 830 airplane crew members were in town for
the air show and visited Central High School to answer questions and offer
advice to students who are thinking about the military as an option after
graduation students they’ve seemed very interested in what exactly we’re doing
and why we do it sometimes you know it depends for each person on what they’re
actually are trying to get out of it for themselves because it’s all about
actually bettering yourself you know you just commit to a large team get out
there and you know enjoy something learn something new maybe get outside of your
comfort zones one thing we have to do in educators is to expose students to all
the opportunities out there and sometimes from their neighborhoods or
the community they are limited to opportunities so to help guests come in
from a worldwide view from a national view that these are some opportunities
that you can take advantage of these are some avenues to get the education or the
livelihood you want it’s a wonderful experience for our students so it’s a
great opportunity because it’s gonna benefit you and it’s good II have some I
have a career or something a following you don’t want to just graduate high
school and not know what you’re gonna do well we tried stress he’s a athlete a
student a good student but again he wants to look at the opportunities out
there to do what he wants to do he actually wants to be an engineer so here
the the I guess to come in and say they’re engineers in the Air Force and
what they actually do is actually where I open experience from me as he’s
educate also with him as a student like wow this is something I want to do I
never heard of it before but I’m really interested and that’s a
wonderful experience that some students and especially some from high school
what we’re actually going for is the opportunity to show you
there are opportunities to advance and become better at way you can’t you do
yourself or maybe try something completely new it’s there and we can
help you get there dozens of students and Matt Freeman’s welding courses at
the Tuscaloosa creating Technology Academy participated in a fun and
rewarding event this is welding diamond students are competing and they’re
showing what they learn showing off to the industry and to each other just
really working hard in the video we have TIG welding which is an advanced type of
weld it usually people don’t do that killer in the post-secondary level and
truly remarkable they’ve they’ve learned how to do this already in high school
but also that’s custom that brand and then we also have some really other
good most of it involves stick welding so the
state welding in different position also we have towards cutting where they have
to measure and cut things in a his way and
Vincent’s have to work out this reward is the way to say thank you to the
students for their hard work they look at their future and those that they’re
working for something wrong but it’s so great to have those rewards
along the way for them to fill that accomplishment and for them to be able
to come in here some of them I’ve only been in the program for a few months and
you build it they’ve already learned shots within into being situation rock quarry elementary school
students celebrated the many nationalities of his students at the
annual International Day so we have our second annual international day where we
invite our parents and our community members to come and be a part of just
teaching our students about other cultures so that last year we had just
the indoor portion and it was so successful that we actually combined it
with our fielding events because kids want to learn more about different
places and really the countries that are represented our student body so the
students who spend half a day outside in multicultural events now all kinds of
outdoor activities and then they spend half the day inside and kind of like an
epic OTT style of it where they’ll go from country to country and just do an
activity or learn a little bit about you know what they eat what games they play
you know things that are important to them we have over 22 countries that are
represented in our student bodies and we wanted to be able to teach our students
more about what it really means to be a diverse population of students and
diverse population of people come and so this just are our parents one of the
teacher kids wanted to learn so it was the perfect formula to be able to really
put on a day that I think our kids will continue to grow from and just becoming
more curious about other places and other people the green ribbon
award-winning woodland forest elementary school provides students with a fun
interactive hands-on learning experience during the annual Discovery Fest this is
our annual discover fist actually this is our eighth year to do this and we
have community groups summer nonprofits summer
volunteers from the University of Alabama we have some students from the
art department at Bryant high school that came and helped do some Earth Day
crafts today Mercedes is here am Stas here we have trot and barnyard we have
discovering Alabama the Museum of Natural History we have all kinds of
different organizations that have to do something with the Earth Earth Day or
the environment or nature and they’ve all come together a lot of them took off
today to come and help us here at William Forest have a in school field
trip I guess if you’d like to call it all our five hundred and something kids
get to participate all day long they switch around from learning session to
learning station so that they can learn about different jobs that may be career
jobs for the future or different things about animals and things about nature
that we need to do that we’re not doing or things that are better for the earth
to make it more sustainable and livable for our future University Place middle
school students participated in a day of fun and hands-on learning as they
celebrated Earth Day some scratch work going on with coding
and the computers that doesn’t lose the libraries here with other coding with a
robot so is anything to do with our solar panels and the recycling companies
so it’s just a fun day and away we get snow that we are together and work try
to figure things out so the groups are very small just what this small Mouse
right about the same 12 again when we come back we’ll show you what
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are attending the schools our zone for so visit for welcome to sports more years of hard
work and dedication recently paid off for the North Ridge girls tennis team
when they brought home the class 6a state title in impressive fashion it’s
definitely a great feeling it couldn’t happen to a more a better team I have so
many great teammates and we all just love each other and like worked really
hard together like I said and it couldn’t have happened to a better team
I love this team a lot it means a lot to me well obviously number one for five
years so since eighth grade and every year we worked hard and harder and we
did better each year and so this year just kind of like hit the nail on the
coffin we just we won it’s wonderful it’s the
best feeling literally ever it was so amazing and it’s just so deserving of
this whole team because we push each other no matter if you play or not we
all push each other to be the best and we’ve been practiced outside of our like
Northridge Tennis so it was just really exciting I haven’t come off of cloud
nine yet I really of it it’s unreal actually came out pretty on how we beat
I think the second-place team had 40 points and we had about 63 maybe so when
I got off my singles court and I just won four single it’s my own in my seed
for singles and when they told me that we had just secured it and so that was
we all had a little party right there as they were just playing it was just
coming out the way we needed it to come out and like it was just a great feeling
for everybody on the team even the girls who didn’t have a chance to play it was
just wonderful everyone was ecstatic so the for seniors we got to go first
cuz he knows our last year and we played the longest and we all ran up and I’ve
never had so much joy in my life like you could just see it on our faces how
excited we were like I get chills talking about it so um overly wine it
was like really unreal I just couldn’t believe that it happened and that we’ve
got like the seniors have wanted it so badly and I was just really happy to see
how happy they were but it was just amazing
it’s like we’ve literally just made this tree and it’s crazy it’s something that
was like I said always be bonded about I just love this team and I’m so thankful
to have been a part of it and it breaks my heart that I have to leave the
Central Lady Falcons made it all the way to the state title game this year and
two of their players have now made it to college to play basketball
also another falcon will stay home and play for the men’s team at Shelton State
Community College I think I started to college but when I came to Central
everything changed I had never thought I would come here so you just felt good
with him coaching me and pushing me and my teammates helping me on the fire it was the best they help you with
academics and that’s the law they let you never give up and they always push
you to strive for more and I put an education before anything because that
education I wouldn’t be here fine I major in biology cuz it’s on my dental
hygienist and maybe I’ll become yeah this is dream culture is very exciting
and just to be able to go to that next level and go to college and on another
chapter in my life yes I have the office but I just felt like on you know it’s
closer to home and the style of play high everybody is up in tempo running
the floor how you can get everybody involved this program has helped me
tremendously on just the arm home environment me coming over here my level
great teachers and the counselors on the principal they’re just they’re always
supporting me not just for basketball on the academic
side as well but I’m labeled as a shooter ball can do a lot of stuff
that’s well put the ball on the floor maybe strong moves get to the cut really
easy as well as create opportunities for my teammates you know draw the defense
and kick it out for them so they can be successful as well time to Selma I think is to jump I’m
sure not everybody get down whatever the South West don’t mind me at home I live
high so private and Christian school and I’m a Christian I’m also so I think it’s
gonna help me build my faith in Christ and just get closer to God what is all
about they just like my hard work my I working that I’m disciplined they just
love my game being disciplined of defense that’s I think that’s caused
rivers main thing about you know defense offense everybody has offense but
defense is main goal and being discipline in the classroom and on the
court and off the court Soph I’m just like I said on blitz so I’ve seen many
of them go go to college he’s sides just about three every year
and I’m just glad that my name is three Northridge jaguar athlete science
scholarships to compete at the next level and continue their education one
each in the sport of baseball golf and tennis I’ve been playing golf since talking
about six so I’m just thankful to be able to get a opportunity to play in
college it seemed like you had everything you needed for me as a person
not just sports but everything goes home probably my job I dropped the ball
really far and go and I just think they like my all my skills as a whole all my
teachers that support me they helped me when I come back like after I’ve missed
days they helped me to make up so I won’t be behind in my work and everybody
at this we just supports me I just want to thank God I want to thank my granddad
and the rest of my family for supporting me and just helped me to get better in
his work just having like a family of athletes well went to college and played
it was only right that I continued it the uranium that sold me was the tennis
team because the tennis team was just full of amazing wonderful people in
their coach is just a wonderful person and I knew I could see Russell for the
next four years there and that I just fit right in with the team they like to
the personnel Ally and then they also like so I was hardworking and about
tennis fields of where I’ve been until the potential that I still have and what
I can do I think our team is hardworking and we
know like where we are and what we can do better and we know where we could be
and it’s just that everyone on the team wants to win no one wants to lose and
that’s really important when it comes to stuff like this that we work as a team
to get to win every time it’s it’s an honor to get to do it it’s a great
opportunity to not only serve my country but to better myself academically and
continue my baseball career I couldn’t be more excited it’s just unbelievable
really after I talk to the baseball coach and I visited out there when I saw
it for the first time it was just really unbelievable how how much I just felt
like that school was for me how much I felt like it was just calling me that’s
what that’s what I knew I wanted to do after I saw it it only took once I said
that’s that’s where I want to go that’s what I want to do I’m gonna go and I’m
gonna be a left-handed pitcher there I’m really looking forward to it I’m excited
to play at the next level it’ll be a new challenge and I’m ready for it
but the players this year it’s a it’s a bond that like no other I know they’ve
got my back and it means a lot to me the politie bryant stampede boys
basketball team won the 2017 class 6a state title and this spring they lost
the championship game but that success has helped four of those players earn
scholarships to the next level it’s bittersweet um it was one of my goal as
a child my dad played college ball I always wanted to be like him so playing
college ball it’s a blessing is just a bittersweet moment it felt like home when I got there I
mean the coach staff the players the teachers professor I felt look man just
felt like I could see myself playing it for you I like to jump my like to dunk
on people but I like to do the dirty work I read bounding blocking shots
taking the pain I felt like that caught the eye and I was going sir
leadership communication I feel like I’m carried it on to the next level because
with the players and coach paid they instill leadership being vocal on the
court and being the highest and I’m on the backline being a hockey team so I
feel like a kid it’s in Mexico it’s pretty cool I mean we’ve been
growing up wrestling like five six years old should just see it going awesome
it’s love it’s a blessing it’s pretty cool to be the same guys and see them
also be great in basketball I’ve been one side since I was look here I started
my best clubs always been a dream for me to play basketball I’m glad at whatever
so I mean it’s a dream come true I like the school when I first busy I’m an I
like the campus coaches are real he’s going school was nice I mean the
business environment I mean they like my games long skill
I mean mismatches 3/4 time and it says everything everything well I’m there’s a
lot that I mean he’s never been in practice week we better we can not beat
each other there so it’s just a competitive next class I mean all of us
wanna go play college basketball so that’s what we’re gonna do he’s a good
coach I mean he he pushes her to practice every day he makes us better
keeps us focus on the Oxford court make sure we cannot school work i stuff like
that he let me know that I have have improved a lot to get myself in this
little where each Center is in the middle like is nothing to do down there
sorta having focus on basketball school well since I’ve been little we’ve been
playing together win championship this first temperature we lost together as a
team but hopefully I get a group of guys just like these and we can just maybe
win the state champion we say Tuscaloosa had a lot of tenant and there I give you
guys on the crew oh well basically screams like families
they treat you like one you kids yes since I was little always want to play
for his ball and to make it come true today is a bliss yeah that was my first
offer in when I went to my visit they made me feel like I was at home and they
welcomed you up on and I really liked all of their program they like just
about everything and they were telling me yeah I need to come in and work hard
Kevin a program oh my god keep working just come on sign it don’t mean I’ll see
if I keep working so I can get better more better so I came in for my next
room and then mix it in yet I mean it’s amazing that knowing me and my other
teammates signed to college at that next level because everybody can’t sign or
plant in this little and it’s a blessed day me and three other my teammates go
son they prepared as late as college career
and going to the knees low academic a school in soccer action that Northridge
girls and boys were area champions and they are in the right to host the first
round of the playoffs in Tuscaloosa both teams moved to the next round where
they faced the number one team in the state
Homewood ended the Jaguar boys season while John Carroll Catholic eliminated
the girls and finally tonight one event that is sure to warm the heart is the
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