INCREDIBLE: Beautiful Biological Sisters Meet For FIRST TIME!!!

Deliverance In Jesus’ Name Stand up. Deliverance In Jesus’ Name When you were a student, you were in a cult. Yes, sir. – If I’m right?
– Yes, sir. Nobody has delivered you; you just decided not to show interest and live a ‘free’ life. You know it is a thing of the spirit – it is affecting you. Yes, sir. You were in a very strong cult, you even headed the cult members. Yes, sir. I want to see you.
I want to be your friend. You can imagine somebody walking towards you and saying, “You are in a secret cult”. That cannot be an imagination because things of a secret cult is not something you can just see, if you are not “spirit-filled”. But this was discovered by a mere handshake. I stretched my hand and he stretched his hand. I felt that strange light in myself. I said, “No. What is this? This is not one of us. It pretends to be light, but it is not light. He is not one of us. He is the opposite. Oh yes!” This is just it. And not just… He is very strong. Not just a member of a cult but a very strong one. By what happened to him, you will know that he is a very strong occultic master. Very strong. Let’s listen why he is in a strong cult and who this man is. My name is Samuel Adisa. I was here last Sunday. During the service the man of God prophesied to me. The woman beside me is my new partner. Last Sunday, the man of God just walked up to me and said, “You were in a cult, when you were a student”. I was looking at him. He said, “This has really destroyed you so much. I want to be your friend”. I confirmed this to be true. When I was in “primary 5”, my grandmother called me and said that she wanted to tell me a secret that I should not tell anybody. I said, “Momma, what is that secret?” She said, “Your mother had several stillbirths. Because of this, I and your grandfather took you to a witchdoctor to rededicate your life, to redeem you so you would not die”. I told my momma, “What does it have to do with my life now?” She said that she wanted to give me some warning, that from now on there would be some things manifesting in my life according to the instruction given to them. That I would be seeing ladies around me, running after me. As they wanted to redeem me, the witchdoctor told us to go out to look for a beautiful lady’s menstrual pad and a male dog. They would use all of this to do that. She said they had given them seven days to get all of this. On the fifth day, when she could not find a beautiful lady’s pad, she saw that there was a neighbour who she met in the bathroom – this lady was a divorcee. She put her menstrual pad on the ground after taking her bath. My grandmother picked the menstrual pad and took it to the witchdoctor. They used it to do a sacrifice to save my life. As I was growing up, according to what momma told me, I began to see ladies, even older than me, in the school. People would be coming around me. All of the sudden, I would find myself in the night… In the dream, I would find myself in the midst of people – having a meeting with them, like at a conference. Then, I began to study things that happened in the dream. There were some incantations they would make in my dreams. When I came to the physical world, I would be making declarations of all those things to my mates. This would be happening immediately. People around me would see that I had powers. They would come and ask me to enlighten them about all this. One of my teachers called me one day. That day, one of the other students offended me. I told that boy, “You will fall into the well and drown”. To me, I just uttered these words. Grandma had warned me to never utter any negative words to my family members. Anybody that offended me – anything I told them would come to pass. In less than five minutes, some of the teachers called me, asking what power I was using. The boy I declared to fall into the well and drown is now in the well. People are shouting for his rescue. He asked me to resolve this matter and bring the boy out. The following day, one of the teachers called me to his office. He asked me, “Do you know that you have a crown on your head?” I said, “Yes, sir”. He asked, “What is the implication of this crown?” I said, “I don’t know. I used to see this golden crown with seven stars on my head, even physically”. She said that she would let me know the implication of this and interpret this better for me. That is how she used to invite me to her house, where she would also invite another occult master. The man acted like a herbalist. He was telling me to say some things, examining it whether it would become true. After then, I went to secondary school, at which time that power was already a part of me. I felt as if I was superior – I began to act like this. When I finished my secondary school, I began to look for ladies. I had no control over this. Any lady I talked to… I never saw a lady that could deny me. Whoever I wanted to talk to, any kind of woman – they would submit to me – even the older ladies. I believed it was a good power given to me. Before I finished my secondary school… My mother is a pastor. She began to be worried – she realised that there was something wrong with me. I would leave the house at any time and go to people I used to have meetings with. She began to take me to different prayer houses. There, they asked me what my problem was. She was taking me to church all the time. She would wake me at midnight to recite Bible quotations. I refused to open up to her because of what grandma had told me – not to tell anything. When I finished my secondary school… Before I finished it, God had really blessed me – I accumulated a lot of wealth. All of a sudden, I began to encounter one problem or the other. The first business got liquidated. Then, I travelled to the northern part of the country. When I got there, I was looking for means of this… There, I began to see people coming around me. Again, ladies of different caliber. They used to give me anything I needed. I took it as another opportunity to enjoy myself. This is how I was living my life. Later, God blessed me again – I accumulated money again. I joined three companies as a distributor. In 2005 I met a lady who was seeking assistance from me. I regarded her as a beautiful lady. I approached her and she got pregnant. She was living with me. All of a sudden… I never knew that she had another way of doing things. Before I knew it, the whole business got liquidated, to the extent that I had a debt of 10 million naira. I found a way – I sent her away. That is how I was going on with my life, looking for a way to survive. Last year, I met this lady here. I approached her; I wanted to settle down with her. I got divorced 10 years ago. I told her I wanted to marry her and she agreed. She often asked me if there was anything that would make me not to marry her. I told her that if I saw my lady with any other man, I would send her out of my life and would get another one. She told me that I should not worry and that there was something she wanted to tell me. I went with her to her village – we came back on Saturday. On Sunday morning she said she wanted to go to The SCOAN. I asked, “For what? You have never been there. Why now?” She said she wanted to be there. She left and I refused to follow her. When she came back, she told me that she had got the Anointing Water. I told her not to spray it on me, not to put it on my clothes or on anything in this house. She answered, “No problem”. After some few days, in the middle of the night, I felt a sensation on me – as if somebody sprayed a perfume on me. I woke up from a deep sleep and asked, “What is happening here?” The following day I called her and asked, “Did you minister the Anointing Water on me?” She said, “Yes. What is your problem? Is it not an anointed water?” I said, “OK. Don’t do that again”. I fell asleep and had a dream – I saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in that dream. The SCOAN Sunday Service He appeared to me and told me the history of my life. Every lady I dated before and that I was ready to marry then – I rejected them because they were either married before or I caught them with other men. The Prophet was telling me about the lifestyle of these persons, “This person lied to you that she is a single girl. These are her children”. I would see her children lined up before her. I would see all of them. Coming to the lady standing beside me – I saw her too. I saw three children before her. I was confused, “No, this is a single girl. Although she told me she had been married and is a divorcee, she never told me she had any children”. I called her and told her that I was not happy. She said, “What happened?” I said, “I had a dream. I wouldn’t say that it was a nightmare. I saw children before you”. She said that these might be the children she would born for me. I said, “OK”. All the children I saw resembled her so much. Two days later, in the morning, she called me and told me that she wanted to tell me something. I asked, “What is that?” She said, “I told you I was a divorcee”. I said, “Yes”. She said, “OK. I want to tell you something. If we are to go on with this marriage, let’s go on with the marriage. If you want to break it, then break it. I have three children”. The SCOAN Sunday Service I was battered. I looked at my life – every lady I approached would tell me at the beginning that they were single, at the end I would learn they had children. My mind went back to what grandma had told me – when she was looking for a menstrual pad of a beautiful lady, she could not find it for five days, until she met a divorcee at her place. It was the menstrual pad of that lady she used. I told her, “OK, no problem. I will meditate on it”. She asked me what my decision was. I said, “Don’t worry. I can’t conclude the matter now. I will talk to you later”. Last Sunday, I was in the house. She called me again, saying that I needed to be at The SCOAN. I asked, “To go there and do what?” She said, “Is it not a house of God? Aren’t you a Christian?” I said, “I am a Christian. You can go. It is you who has a problem, not me”. She insisted and I followed her here. When I got here, I was surprised to see the man of God walking towards me. He began to tell me about the life I lived in the past. I want the man of God to help me to get my deliverance. I was already fed up with my life in 2005. The only daughter that the first lady got for me… There was a time I was fed up – I took this girl to the forest and I discharged the power into her. At that time the girl was 4 years old. That is my only daughter. Since then… She is 10 years old now. Since then, people would call me… The girl is staying with my mum, who is a pastor. I allowed her to stay with her because I knew that what was happening to me might end up happening to her. People, including my sister, were calling me, saying that the teacher in the school was suspecting my daughter to be possessed. Anytime they would bring this matter, I would dispel it and say that I don’t want to hear anything about this. Two or three weeks ago, my younger sister brought my daughter to Lagos and she told me, “Brother, your daughter is very brilliant. She takes first or second position in her class but there is a question mark”. I asked, “What is this question mark?” She said that when they went to churches, they would tell them that the girl was possessed. In her school, some other girls accused her of initiating them. I want the man of God to help me, to get my deliverance here. OK. You mentioned your former wife – what were you saying? I told you that there is a woman who has a child for me – one daughter – in the past and I divorced her when I discovered that my business was liquidating because of her intervention. It has been over 10 years since I saw her last. Is that the only one you had in the past? Yes, sir. Or do you have more than that? No! It is 10 years now. The daughter is 10 years because that girl was 1 year and 3 months when she left. She left or you asked her to leave? I asked her to leave when I saw the way things were going. My sister – whatever you are, something good has come out from you. The SCOAN Sunday Service If not you, we wouldn’t be talking about this man today. You came here searching for salvation and you received the Morning Water. You got home and you know the type of man you have. He warned you not to minister this water at all. But for better… You said, “Whatever will happen, let it happen”. You studied him when he was sleeping and you ministered it. He woke up crying, “Why do you minister this?” That was the beginning of his deliverance. The following day, he had the dream concerning you. Yes, it was that Morning Water you ministered that changed the mind of this man and the man came to The Synagogue. The SCOAN Sunday Service This man came to The Synagogue today, and he was discovered and delivered. If not, he would not be able to stand – somebody who has a contrary spirit – he would not even want to come here. When he had warned you that he didn’t want to hear anything about The Synagogue – but he is here today. Can you tell us – what is your mission? Are you purposed to marry this man and that is why you are doing this, or you just want him to be safe, or… Tell us what is going on. Who is this man to you and who are you? The reason I’m asking this question is – if you actually have the mind to marry this man, you would not have told him you didn’t have any child at all, whereas you have three. And you knew that sooner or later the truth will come out. This is what we don’t know. If you have lied and lied, the day the truth will come out, it will spoil everything you have been doing. My name is Ngozi Ogbanya. I am from Ebonyi State, Nigeria. I got married in 2005. The man I married never told me that he had another wife. Who is that man? My former husband. Don’t tell us about that one. When I meet you one on one, we will discuss it. Tell us only about the man standing by you. Don’t worry, I will see you one on one. Who is this man? I met him in 2005 – I was sick. Somebody directed me to him. When I met him last year, we developed a relationship. He said he would marry me. I asked him if there was anything that would make him not to marry me. He said, no – unless he caught me with any other man. I said, “I will tell you something”. Then, I asked him about his past life. He said he was married to a lady, and that person had a boy about whom he never knew. Later, he noticed that this person was married to another person. I told him my own story. What was the story? Just in a nutshell. I told him that I was married to a person who had never told me that he had another woman. I discovered it six months later. I went back to my parents – they took me back to that place. I was never happy with the marriage; I kept grumbling all the time. I thought of committing suicide. I bought a poison – a rat killer – to drink it. Don’t worry about that. OK, it’s alright. You love this man so much? Yes, sir. Is it love of a husband and wife, or just what is happening out there? I love him with the love of husband and wife. OK, why… If you love him so dearly with the love of husband and wife… The love of husband and wife is from the heart. Why were you hiding the three children? Sir… Look, he would have even been a father to those children, helping you to take care of them. That would not make him to say no. He himself has told you that he has a child outside. That was an opportunity for you to tell him about your children outside. This is the thing that spoiled everything. Sir, I was just afraid. OK. Who is this lady to you? I took her to be my fiancée that I would get married to. She annoyed me hiding these three kids. OK, now you know she has three children. That is why I want God to speak. You said you have a wife somewhere. Yes, sir. And you haven’t seen your wife for the past 10 years? Yes, sir. That is the one that gave birth to my child. OK, you haven’t seen her for 10 years? Yes, sir. She gave a birth to a child? A daughter. A daughter? Yes, sir. OK. The last week you came here – I want to know whether our sister was here in the church. Yes, she was in the church. OK. You know, in order to deliver you and our sister we have to go an extra mile. When we interrogated you, we collected the telephone number of the sister you were talking about. Now, we hear that she gave birth to a child. There is no deliverance we can do here, while a child is out there. For ten years no one stood to be a father to this child – God will not answer any prayer we will offer. The SCOAN Sunday Service You will be very surprised to learn that the lady you haven’t seen for ten years is inside the church. The SCOAN Sunday Service For the past ten years you haven’t seen her – you will see her now, with the (child). The SCOAN Sunday Service … with the child. You have not seen her for 10 years. The purpose of deliverance is for you to be set free. Whilst you were undergoing deliverance, we interrogated you. We asked you; “You have a child? You have a wife?” Even if it was 50 years ago and they are still alive – we have to trace such a person and to ask God for forgiveness. We do not do that to separate the two of you but to bring everybody to the table. You want to say something? Yes, Man of God. Having heard that you said that she is in the church… No, I am not even asking you any question – don’t worry. OK, don’t worry.
Don’t be afraid. Nobody can force you – God cannot force you. You have discretion. God cannot do anything without asking for your faith. God will not say, “Take it!” – no. Even God cannot force us. That is why He gave us discretion that we can choose. When He met this man at the pool of Bethesda, He asked, “What can I do for you?” If the man had said, “No, I don’t want You to do anything for me”, Jesus would have said, “OK”. He will not force you. What is not done well is not done at all. If we just make it half-way – deliver both of you and send you out – what about that woman and the child? If she didn’t have a child for you – no problem. Can you call the woman out? The SCOAN Sunday Service Brother, you are supposed to be the happiest person in our midst, or even in the world. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. It was on Sunday, I saw you sitting down there – and I don’t know anbody but Jesus who can do this. The SCOAN Sunday Service It is only Jesus who can do this. Ten years now. The SCOAN Sunday Service Ten years now. God used my sister to minister the Morning Water and to bring you here. If not my sister, you would not come here. We are not doing that to humiliate you but to set everyone of us free. Simple. Can I ask my brother a question? Do you know this lady? I don’t know this one. How old is the other one? Ten years, sir. On my way here, I asked my sister to bring her here for deliverance. OK. So I don’t know this one. OK, it’s alright, don’t worry. But you know this woman? I know her very well. It is the woman you were talking about? Yes, sir. OK, it’s alright. Rest your peace. OK, it’s alright. The daughter they are talking about is living with his mum? Yes, she is living with his mum. She was 1 year and 7 months old when they collected her from me. She will be 10 years old in August. She will be 10 years old in August? OK. If I give you just 3 minutes, you have to say everything in truth and in faith, OK? I am Mary Adolor.
I am from Edo State, Nigeria. This man standing by me is my husband, the father of my children. I have a child for him – that is Precious, my first daughter. Along the line we started having problems – the women issue. A friend would come and visit me. Before I knew it, my husband would see her off, befriend her and fall in love with her. All my friends were going out with him. That is where the problem started. When this problem started, I didn’t know that he was looking for a way to chase me out. Then, he said that I should pack my things. At that time I was pregnant for 1 month and 2 weeks. This is that very girl. He sent me out of his house to the village. I went to my mother’s place – I stayed there and gave birth to this girl. He never asked about her or even called. I picked his mum’s number and called her. I still had his mum’s number then. I told her that I was pregnant. She said that she was happy. I don’t know when my husband told her that he was not responsible for that pregnancy. When I put to bed, I called them, thinking that the mother or any member of the family would come. His mother called me back and said that my husband said that he was not responsible for this pregnancy. I said, “Mummy, what are you saying?” She said that that was what her son had told her. I said, “OK, if you say so. I will take care of her”. OK, thank you. The 3 minutes I’ve given you – I think you have explained everything. My sister here – she is my daughter. The issue of marriage is not even to be discussed now. Put the issue of marriage behind you. I don’t believe that, unless you are completely set free. Madam, forget about marrying this man. You too, you need to be set free first. The SCOAN Sunday Service My sister, please – you need to be fortified. Come and stand here. You have to be alone – you are not married now. The SCOAN Sunday Service After your deliverance, you can decide what to do with your life. The issue of marrying this man you are living with – remove it from the record. You need to be set free. When you are set free, we will talk. You are a beautiful woman – look in the mirror. When the lady is delivered, people will be looking for her, not her looking for people. That is our real value. What about this little one? This is the only daughter that I know of. This is my younger sister. OK. OK, this is the…? The daughter. You are the mother? She is my daughter. She is your mother? No. The SCOAN Sunday Service Give me your hand. What is your name? Precious. Look at her, look at this woman. Who is she? She is not my mummy. Who is she? I don’t know. When did you see this young lady the last time? It is 8 years now. She will be 10 years in August. You can see the reason why she says that she doesn’t know you? I know. She cannot know you. Yes.
OK. I want you to come next Sunday and give testimony of your freedom. Simple. God is in control. Take my mother. The SCOAN Sunday Service Please, take care of my brother. Thank you very much. Give me… Who are you?
Come on! Come on here! Stand up! Come here!
Who are you?! I will set you free today. It is a lie! Who are you?! You can’t deliver her; leave her for me. I have destroyed her. What have you done to her, her marriage, her family? No matter how beautiful she is – no man. I want to start from her – from one to two to three. OK. Who are you?! I am the husband. Husband, you listen to that. I married her when she was young. Her mother gave her to me. Leave her alone!
Leave her! Manifestation Of Evil Spirits She did not marry the right person she was supposed to marry. I made her life useless. It is her that I want to destroy because she is my wife. How did you enter her? When she was small. So, leave her for me; you cannot deliver her. I have married her – for years. I destroyed her. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits Her family – the parents disowned her. I am sitting down there. You think you can deliver her. Leave her for me! I made her to lie, here and there. What kind of lie – explain! She says what is not true because I want to marry her. I have destroyed her. STANDARD FOR LIFE Oh, this is momma. Thank you very much, Momma. You heard my call and you are here – thank you. You can just come here. OK. Oh, this is our mum – thank you. Glory be to God – this is my sister. My sister is delivered, finally – she is free now. The SCOAN Sunday Service She is free. The SCOAN Sunday Service You are a beautiful woman. It is satan who was trying to play a funny game. You are a beautiful woman. Now, after you deliverance, you might have discovered yourself – “Why me of all this rubbish? Why me of all this?” I want to be there for you. The Lord will give you a wonderful husband and you will settle down. OK. All the previous journey is just your past. It has become past. Like I told you – I don’t see you and this man – it is just trouble. He has his own trouble, you have your trouble. Now, the deliverance has come – you people cannot come together. Your future now – I know that when you come back next time – big testimony. She has been in the church since last Sunday. She has been in the church. So, I needed to bring you out. I was not supposed to bring you out – but I needed to tell the world that all this is your past. So please, thank you very much. You go and have your seat. It is no longer anything to you. If you people have anything in common like house, money or whatever, we will iron it out. That kind of relationship of husband and wife – God is not aware. So, my brother, mummy – thank you for coming. We thank God – satan is a liar. My brother is free now. My sister too, the former wife is here. We told them after the service that this marriage cannot come together again. You two cannot come together as a husband and wife. The revelation God has given to me is: “Take care of your children.” OK? If anybody is telling you that there is no link between you and this little girl, the person doesn’t want good for you. It is just some of the things that happened to you in the past. This is why I’m here to tell momma. The SCOAN Sunday Service What I’m saying – this is the mother of this little girl. Because last Sunday we were asking the little girl. She said, “No, this is not my mother. I don’t know her”. I said it was her mother. Now, God has forgiven us and we are delivered. Old things have passed away. We should put everything behind us. She should have access to her daughter. OK? Last Sunday the mother was asking if she could be with her daughter, I said, “No, we need to see momma”. Momma is the one that has been with the daughter. I needed to meet momma before this kind of agreement can come. Momma needs to be aware of what is on the ground. Momma is here. We thank God and we thank momma. Thank God, momma is a pastor. This is a pastor. Praise the Lord! Thank you. And you know that forgiveness gives us future. The SCOAN Sunday Service So, what else again? Whether their sin is big or small – forgive them. Big sin, small sin – forgive them. Therefore – big, bigger, biggest sin – forgive them. So, that is it. Forgive them – this includes you and me. That it is – we put everything behind us. So, the wife has to have access to her daughter. So, we let the daughter know that this is her mother. Till now, she has been grumbling. After the service we will meet and eat together at the round table. This kind of meeting is not to marry her or him but to acknowledge that this is her mother. The mother should have access to her daughter. There is another secret – something is going on. This little one… I say that as a man of God: if somebody is telling us something, we should not listen to him or to her. Their evidence is nothing to go by. It is God who we should listen to. He is the father of this girl. I am telling you – he is the father. I am not listening to her mum, the woman there – I can’t listen to her. His evidence too – it is nothing to go by. But God – that is evidence from God – he is the father. Take care of this girl. The same way as you take care of this daughter. Like I have said – it is all what God demands to open the door of the future. How are you?
What’s your name? Victory. You are the mother? OK, thank you for coming. I am happy for your coming here today. Momma there and momma here – we have to be very careful about the issue of this marriage. Whatever God says is final. OK? You have done your own marriage and this is their own. Whatever situation that is at hand, let us ask God. OK? This is why I want to meet you after the service and to have a meeting with you people. We are not having this meeting so that the two of them can get back together – no, there is nothing like that. It is about the acceptance of this little girl. The mother should also have access to the daughter. So, thank you very much. OK? That is the next meeting immediately after the service. OK, thank you, Momma. Thank you for coming here. Little one. And this little one needs deliverance and maybe we will do that, OK? Give me your hand. How are you?
Thank you very much. Come on, sit down.
Thank you. The SCOAN Sunday Service STANDARD FOR LIFE. My name is Samuel Adisa. These are my children, my wife, my mother and my mother-in-law. I want to thank God for how He intervened in my issues. Earlier, before I came to The SCOAN, I had spiritual problems and setback in my business. When I came to this church, the man of God prophesied to me that I was an occultist when I was in school, and this has really affected my business. This also affected my life because I was not delivered. That day, God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver me. After the deliverance, I have seen the mighty hand of God on me. Glory be to Jesus Christ. We thank God for what He has done in your life. We just want to, for the benefit of those who are watching us today for the first time… You mentioned that came to The SCOAN and you received a message of prophecy from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, mentioning that you were an occultist in the past. Could you just put a bit of light on this and explain, in confirmation of this prophecy, how it was true in your life. Yes, I can confirm this to be true. The man of God spoke to me, saying that I was an occultist in my school days. It all happened when I was around 13 years old. My grandmother called me and began to tell me about my past lifestyle. When I was young, they took me to some herbalists to initiate me into some spirits. I was a still-born baby and they didn’t want that anything would happen to me. As I was growing up, I began to see myself mingling with people, using spirits to control people – whatever I said would come to pass – so I believed this spirit was helping me, not knowing that this spirit was causing harm to my destiny. I didn’t know about it till the moment I came to The SCOAN and the man of God prophesied to me that this was really affecting my life. He prayed for me and delivered me that day. Glory be to Jesus Christ. After your deliverance from that spirit of occultism, that had really been affecting your life and your business, as you mentioned – could you tell us how did you feel immediately after your deliverance? Yes, I can confirm this to be true that after the man of God delivered me I have been seeing light in my life. Most of the nightmares I used to have – they are no more. I feel renewed and I see the light of God being restored in my life. Thank you very much. Now, after you received your deliverance at The SCOAN and the man of God invited these people standing next to you, can you explain to us what is the purpose of all this? The prophecy about the people standing here – the prophecy about my daughter that I had disowned since birth and denied to be her father. When the man of God intervened, he sought the face of God, and I learned that she is my legitimate daughter. God has really used His prophet to join me with my children. Today they are together with me and I will be going home with them, staying as a family. Wow, we thank God for what He has done in your life. For the benefit of those watching you – you mentioned that after your deliverance the man of God met you and told you that there was a daughter that you need to take care of and pay the necessary responsibilities too. The man of God made me to understand that there was an abandoned daughter that I need to take care of and take up the responsibility, so that my future would be brighter. He invited the mother to bring the daughter to me. He sought the face of God and resolved the issue. These are the children that God restored back to me. The very girl you are talking about – can you point her out and tell us her name? Yeah, this is the daughter the man of God has spoken about – Victory by name. By the grace of God, she was brought to me to be my legitimate daughter. Can you explain to us where was your daughter all this time. Yes, my daughter has been with her mother since birth. I was informed that she was pregnant. I denied it and said then that I did not know anything about the pregnancy – this led to a big problem. But by the almighty hand of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua was able to put light into this matter. He made me to understand that the girl was my biological daughter. By the grace of God I was able to see all the indices – everything indicates that she is my daughter. It was the problem I had in the past that made me to deny her. OK, glory be to Jesus Christ. We thank God for all the wonderful things He has done in your life. Now that you are here with your two daughters, could you tell us their names and what your plan is for your daughters. Yes, my daughters that are here: this is Victory Adisa and this is Precious Adisa. By the grace of God, now I prepare myself to take them home to take up my responsibilities, to sponsor them, to send them to better schools, and take up all necessary obligations. What are you going to do now, upon receiving this wonderful message of prophecy and directions you received from the man of God? Could you tell us what is your plan for yourself now? Yes. The man of God has told me in the prophecy that God created me to be great in life. He paid a homage to me. He said I was born to be a ruler. Therefore, I’m not to be suffering. Now, I prepare myself to take care of my business, to put all my intellect into it so that the future can be brighter. Right now, by the grace of God, I will abandon anything concerning women, and I will take care of my business, so that the future can be better. We thank God for this wonderful revelation, that God Almighty has used Prophet T.B. Joshua to bring about in your life. We believe sincerely as you will take this instruction in righteousness and faith, that the best is yet to come in your life, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. We also want to listen to the next person. Mr Samuel Adisa & Family
Family Reconciled After Prophecy Madam, we welcome you today to The SCOAN, in Jesus’ name. Can you introduce yourself to us? My name is Mary Adolor. Could you introduce to us the people standing next to you and tell us what God Almighty has done in you life. This one here is my daughter Victory Samuel Adisa and this is Precious Samuel Adisa – they are my children. This is the situation God rescued me from: I was pregnant with this girl for a month and 2 weeks, when I had a misunderstanding with my husband, and he sent me away from his house. I packed my things and came back to my parents’ house. Along the line… When I got to the village, I found out that I was pregnant. I called him and told him that I left his house being pregnant for a month and 2 weeks. He told me that he was not responsible for that and that I should go and look for the responsible person. I told him that I was sure that I had left his house being pregnant. We argued about it and he denied the child. I had nothing else to say than calling my God day and night. I stayed with my mother in the village doing nothing. After nine months of pregnancy I gave birth to Victory. When I gave birth to Victory, I called the mum of my husband. She said that she was happy. She asked me why I hadn’t informed her earlier. I answered that there was a problem – I called her son and he denied responsibility for the pregnancy. She said, “OK” – she was somehow happy. Later, I received a call from her – she said that her son indeed denied the responsibility for the pregnancy. I asked, “Is it what he told you?”
She said, “Yes”. I said, “OK, no problem – if he says so, but a time will come when he will come to look for her”. That is what I said to myself. I said, “The time will come that he will come and look for her because I know he is the father”. She said, “OK”. When I called him again, he did not respond. While I was in the village, there was no money because I wasn’t doing anything – I was just trying to survive, and to take care of this girl. Because of the financial situation I would still call him to support me, to send money to me. He wouldn’t care and say that he would not come – so I gave up and forgot about it. In January, the following year, my younger brother came to the village and met me. He asked what I was doing in the village. He was working in Lagos, and he just came to the village. He saw the situation I was in and he said he was not happy about it. He asked if I would come to Akwa Ibom. I said, “Why not”, because I was not used to live in the village – it was the first time I came back there. He said I should come to Akwa Ibom with him. He said that after he arrives in Akwa Ibom, he will look for an accommodation for me. I said, “OK, no problem”. Having arrived there, he found an accommodation and he sent money to my account. He said I should come to Akwa Ibom. I said, “OK”. When I arrived there, he paid the 2-years rent for my room. He started buying things and food, he started helping me. That is how I started anew. When my daughter was 1 year and 6 months old, my brother noticed that she was “sharp” and could talk. He asked, “Why don’t we look for a school for her?” I said, “OK, but I don’t have anything doing and I don’t want to be a burden to you”. He said that I should send her to school. There was one nearby school on my street – I went there and got admission for her. She started to go to that school when she was 1 year and 6 months old. I knew that staying home, doing nothing would not help me. My brother wouldn’t be there for me everyday. He asked why I couldn’t look for something to do. I said, “Good. If you can also help with that, I will appreciate it”. He looked for a shop and gave me some money to start some business with it, so I would be able to take care of the girl. That is what he did for me. My younger brother – I appreciate his help. I thank God for what he did for me. When I started the business, everything was going fine. With the little money he gave me to start up, my business was going fine. It was two years ago… In 2014, I don’t know what happened – my business collapsed. That was 2014 – my business collapsed. In fact, everything about me. I was not able to pay her school fees anymore. I started asking God, “God, what did I do wrong, so all this is happening to me?” In the same year I lost my dad. After the burial, in 2015 I tried to manage my life again. I didn’t know that this was God’s will for me because while I had money, I did not remember to call on God. I put the loan I had taken into the business. I could not earn money – everything went again like that. That is when I started seeking the face of God. I received a call from The SCOAN. The woman told me that the man of God wanted to see me and that I should come to Lagos. I said that I was not the one she was looking for. She asked, “Is this Mary?” At the beginning I said, “No”, because I thought it was somebody I owed money. I said I was not Mary to the person who called me. She said, “No, I know that I am speaking to Mary”. I said, “No. I am not the one. It is my sister, who sometimes uses this number”. She said, “OK. How can I get her?” I said, “OK, I will pass the message to her so you can talk to her.” She said, “Please, I need to talk to her”. I said, “OK”. After 15 minutes I got another call. I was asked to call back. I said, “Hello”.
She said, “Hello.” I introduced myself as Mary – may God forgive me because of my previous lie. I said, “This is Mary speaking”. She said, “OK. I couldn’t reach you earlier on”. I said that my sister just came and gave me the information. She asked me to come down to The SCOAN. I said, “No. I am not the one. I heard about The SCOAN, but I have never been there. I don’t even dream of coming there”. She said I should come. I said, “Please, check the number – I’m not the one. It is a wrong number”. She called me back, “Are you not Mary Adolor?” I said, “This is me”. She said I was the one they wanted to see. She didn’t let me know that my husband was here. I called my sister. I told her that I received a call and they said I should come to The SCOAN. She said, “No. Are you sure?” I said, “Maybe someone wants to set me up, because I know what type of man my husband is”. I said I was not going. I thought that maybe it was somebody else calling from Lagos. She said that I should text the number to her. I text the number to my sister. When she called the number, she confirmed it to be from The SCOAN. I then decided to come on Sunday or Monday. I called The SCOAN – she told me that they wanted to see me on Saturday. I said, “OK. I need to take a night bus on Friday night”. I arrived in Lagos on Saturday morning. That is how I found myself in this place. When I came to the church on Sunday, they called Samuel out and asked him questions about his daughter. They asked him for how long he hadn’t seen his daughter. He said, “For the past nine years”. They asked him, “Where do you think the woman is now?” He said that she was far away. The man of God asked him then, “What if you see your wife now?” He was shocked. He couldn’t believe that I was around. Then, they said I should come out. Then, he saw me and his daughter. When he saw me, he was surprised to see me in the church. When he saw the daughter, they then asked him questions. They brought my first daughter – Precious – they asked her a question, “Who is this woman to you? Is she you mother?” She said, “No.” That I was not her mother. They asked her, “Who is she to you?” She said she didn’t know me. The man of God said, “OK”. He asked my husband who my second daughter was to him. He said he didn’t know her, that Victory wasn’t his daughter and he didn’t know anything about her. That is how it all happened on that Sunday. We understand that after that, the man of God took his time to give words of counselling and gave God’s point of view concerning these children. We understand the man of God prayed for you for your deliverance. He prayed for us for our deliverance. After the deliverance and the prayer – I thank God because I see changes. When I came the first time, my husband didn’t even want to see or call me. He was seriously angry with me, seeing me in the church. After the prayer and deliverance – the following morning I received a call from him. He asked about me and my daughter and how we were doing. I said we were fine. He asked about our hotel and if we wanted to change it. I said that we were comfortable. I thank God so much because we, especially our daughters, met. They didn’t know each other. Victory didn’t know Precious, and Precious didn’t know Victory. Precious didn’t even know me as her mother. But now, we are all united together as a family. I thank God so much, because He used Prophet T.B. Joshua to bring back this family again. We thank God for what He has done in your life. We really want to encourage you that as you continue staying obedient to the instruction of righteousness, that the man of God has given, that the best is yet to come in your life, in Jesus’ name. Amen. We also want to listen to our mothers. I am Philomena Adolor. I am coming from Edo State. I thank God today for the life of my daughter. I’m the mother of Mary. I thank God – my coming to the SCOAN is a blessing to me, because the man of God has made me know that… I thank God for answering me. My granddaughter that was abandoned by her father – he came back to claim his daughter. For that I give glory to God. I knew that one day God would arrest him. We were talking about this matter for a long time. Today, we thank God for it. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, has settled the issue and made us to be one again as a family. We thank God today. Now, Victory knows her mother and Precious knows her father. For that we thank God – we give glory to God. We also thank the man of God. We understand that it was the man of God who invited you to come down from your State to attend the Sunday Service, for you to witness what God Almighty has done for your grandchildren and for your daughter. On behalf of Prophet T.B. Joshua we are here presenting you with the cash sum of N100 000 for your transport and for your welfare. This is on behalf of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV partners, and we bless God for that. I thank the man of God. God will give him more grace. I thank God today for what He has done for me. It was not easy. Thank you. My name is Adisa Mary. My son is Adisa Samuel. I give all glory to the Lord Almighty for all He has done in my life and my son’s life. I thank God for all. What was spoilt before, the God of T.B. Joshua has turned it to good. I thank God for everything. He has done good to me, He has brought everything to good. I thank God for that. We thank God. We understand that it was Prophet T.B Joshua that invited you to come down from your State for you to witness the goodness of God in the lives of your children and grandchildren. On behalf of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV partners we present this cash gift to you – N100 000. This is for your transport and welfare. I thank God for the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. I thank God for his support to me. I pray that the Lord will continue to support the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua and everything he lays his hand upon. My name is Adisa Precious. You are welcome here today. Could you tell us – who is this girl that is next to you? My junior sister. What is her name? Her name is Victory Adisa. You mean that this is your sister? Yes. Have you ever met your sister before? No. You mean that here, in The SCOAN, you are meeting her for the first time? Yes, sir. We thank God for what He has done in your life. We believe that for God Almighty to have brought you together, He has wonderful things in store for you, in Jesus’ name. Amen. We still want to listen to your sister as well. Can you come over here? Please, tell us your name. Victory Adisa. You are welcome. Can you tell us – who is this girl that is standing next to you? She is my sister – Precious Adisa. You mean that this girl next to you is your sister? Yes. Have you ever met her before? No. Yes. Have you ever met her before coming here? No. You mean you came here, and you met her for the first time in The SCOAN? Yes. I like my sister very well. We thank God for the wonderful things that He has done in your life. We believe that the best is yet to come, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Now, on behalf of Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners, we are here to present to you this cash gift of N200 000. This is for your welfare, upkeep, and transport. Emmanuel. I thank God and Prophet T.B. Joshua for providing this money for me, my transport and welfare. I thank God so much and I pray that Almighty God should continue making this ministry to grow, in Jesus’ name. Thank You, Jesus. Emmanuel. We thank God for this wonderful thing God Almighty used T.B. Joshua to do in your life and your children’s lives, bringing them back together for the very first time. They are going to grow up together now and have a wonderful life together. Could you just once again, for the benefit of those watching us, tell us what you plan to do now, concerning your own future and the future of your children? Emmanuel. I really thank God today, for what He used Prophet T.B. Joshua to do in my life. He has used him to reconcile my family and bring my children together. I am here together with my children now. From now on, I will take up the responsibility of taking care of my two daughters – to give them the best education so that they can have a good life. By the grace of God, by the instruction of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, I’m taking them to my house now. They will be staying with me. By the grace of God, we will be able to understand ourselves better. By the grace of God, after receiving directions and the prophecy from the man of God, I will now go out into the world to prepare myself for a bigger business. God had really been doing this in the past. God had been blessing me in the past, until this problem happened. By the grace of God, the man of God said that if I go and focus on my career, God is going to bless me and I will come back with a big testimony. I will face my future henceforth, by the grace of God. I will not allow womanising, spirit of lust, and other unnecessary things to distract my focus. Glory be to Jesus Christ. We thank God for all He has done in your life. Now, we are here… Since you have given that promise that you are going to take care, and do your responsibility as a father, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, has sent us to present this gift to you. This is a cash gift of N320 000, given by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, and the Emmanuel TV partners. I give all the glory to God Almighty for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to intervene in my case. I really bless God that the man of God intervened in my issue. I believe I am the one supposed to pay him for the service rendered to me. God has really used him to bless me again with the sum of N320 000 to take care of my children. I believe my future will now be better and brighter, by the grace of God. Glory be to Jesus Christ. We thank God for this beautiful thing that God Almighty has done in this family. We want to wish all of you the very best. We believe that God Almighty will continue to dwell with you, as you will continue to follow the instructions in righteousness given by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. We believe, as your lives continue to be centred on the Word of God and on Christ – better is not good enough but the best is yet to come in your life, in Jesus’ name. We also want to encourage you – make sure you stay close to Jesus Christ, and raise your children in the way of the Lord so when they grow up, they will not depart from it, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.
Emmanuel. Thank You, Jesus.