IIT BHU | Department of Mathematical Sciences

India is the birthplace of modern Mathematics, it emerged in the subcontinent from 1200 BC until the end of the 18th Century. Agriculture to Astronomy and Taxation to the distribution of Wealth every single School of Science Technology, even Management and Finance are deeply Dependent on Mathematical excellence. The Department of Mathematical Sciences began it’s journey as a section to assist Engineering Departments to the Institute which in the true sense pioneered Engineering education in the Indian nation. It soon acquired the status of a full fledged Department in 1985 Computing discipline which is a growing discipline without participation of Mathematics is not possible Rather Mathematics is the origin of Computing discipline. without it there is no meaning of computing, it starts from there later on when it grew then we differentiated it as Computer Science but the Computing part which is a link between Mathematics and Computer Science which differentiates both to complete it is Computing discipline. The Department has a high rush of students with an increasing Index every year Presently the Department offers different courses like the IDD i.e. the Integrated Dual Degree course. which is providing B.Tech and M.Tech degrees after 5 years. and PhD Degree courses. I was actually admitted in IIT BHU Electrical Engineering IDD course and then I had a branch change from Electrical to Mathematical in Computing and from 2nd year-5th year I studied in Mathematics in Computing. The experience has been really amazing as the first time when I came here I was not very happy with the way the things were but eventually not only I have got used to it but I have begun to enjoy it. So experience has been really great in the last 5 years. The Department is working on specializations such as Fluid Mechanics, Bio Mechanics and Mathematical Biology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Analysis, Algebra and Cryptography Digital Image Processing, Graph of Theory and Network Sciences and many more. The objective of the program is to train students to handle problems in Industries and Government organizations through the combined use of Mathematical and Computer Techniques. I am working on Fracture Mechanics mainly Crack’s Propagation is my area of study Different types of materials like Orthotropic Materials, Isotropic Materials and Heterogeneous Materials’s crack Propagation and how it’s involved and how to remove the crack from those materials. Right now we are working on a project through this we know that how much polluted is the groundwater if we know the per cross section area pollution then we can take steps to prevent it and clean it if we know the rate of pollution. The Department has smart classrooms and two Computer aided Labs with High Speed Server, LAN and Wi-fi facilities but the greatest strength of the Department is the robust system of academic practices in highly experienced Faculty members. They have a good future if anybody joins any student willing to join this Department will have a good future not only in Mathematics and Computing they have very good job opportunities. But anyone who wants to do PhD also they have enough scope to do and there are Faculties to guide them As Paul Dirac said that “God used beautiful Mathematics in creating the world.” Modern Mathematicians hence have been working hard to solve every quantitative problem to create an explicit world. Subtitle: Roopsy Sonkar