Iceland Geology #3 – Is Hekla Getting Ready to Erupt in October 2019?

9 earthquakes under this Icelandic volcano have set the Department of Civil Protection on alert as of Oct 8th The centre of Air Navigational has also been warned for possible eruption in this famous volcano Hekla has erupted 23 times since settlement but the last eruptions have been relatively small She is however capable of covering the whole country of ash from 30km altitude She can also throw rocks for tens of kilometres and got the nickname “Gateway to hell” for it’s huge powers I’m putting a links below to live earthquake and video feeds but lets hear a recent interview with the expert In 2006/2007 we saw the pressure under the mountain growing to…. …the same level as in the prior eruptions From that we can presume that the pressure was enough to bring up an eruption But for some reason she hesitates now to start an eruption Hekla gives short warning notice or almost always less than an hour And sometimes as little as 20-25 minutes So actually no-one should be on the mountain? It poses a special kind of threat If it’s a hikers group in the slopes of the mountain when she shows signs of eruption… Then it’s already to late to warn them…They are already in trouble And the other threat are the planes who actually fly directly over the mountain top way to often The chances that Hekla would shoot down a passenger plane in the beginning of next eruption Are substantial….