I Heart Guts Plush Organs 2018

Plush internal organs by I Heart Guts will bring smiles to your face and smarts to your brain! Our happy organs will steal your heart, tickle your funny bone, and maybe even make you pee your pants! I Heart Guts is the brain-child of anatomically-obsessed illustrator, Wendy Bryan Lazar . who loves internal organs and all they do. Get your feet wet in anatomy, or bone up on your physiology with our adorable organs which have been featured in People Magazine, the Washington Post, and were named best of Toy Fair 2014 by Popular Science Magazine. You’ll find I Heart Guts in top science and health museums, award-winning hospital gift shops, and trend-setting toy stores. We have over 30 super soft, high quality plush organs for you to love. Our best-sellers include the heart, brain, uterus, and kidney. Our hangtags are stuffed with bite-sized facts, eye-catching graphics, and goofy puns such as “All You Need is Lobe”. New to our line this year is our Vagina + Vulva Plush: Hooray for the Va-jay-jay which can help give “the talk” a soft touch. The I Heart Guts family of products includes keychains, lapel pins, stickers, erasers, posters, and more. Both silly and educational, I Heart Guts charming plush organs make learning anatomy irresistible for the wee future doctor, or anybody with a body!