I Don’t Believe The Moon Landing Happened

– Hi, I’m Matt. And I don’t believe we landed on the moon. (dramatic music) I am not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t have any real
hard opinions on JFK, I don’t necessarily think Bush did 9/11, I don’t believe that the government is putting chemicals in the sky, what are the other conspiracy theories? – Oh, I do kinda think that
something happened at Area 51. I got into reading up a lot
about conspiracy theories, and a lot of the times, it’s all baloney. I go in specifically to debunk them. And I did so with the moon landing. So I started to read more
stuff about the moon landing, after I started to debunk
certain parts of it, there were some things
that I couldn’t explain. I don’t think that we
landed on the moon in 1969. Or, ever. Motives. Let’s start with the motive of why the US Government would
have faked the moon landing. Cold war is number one. We were at it with the Russians, JFK came out in 1961
and said, you know what, by the end of the decade
we’re gonna go to the moon. And then therefore, we had to do it. Ask JFK, that’s our guy. And we supposedly beat them. We didn’t. There were concerns that
Russia was gonna build a missile base on the moon. Sounds crazy, but it’s not. And that’s what people believe. As that decade progressed, we are not making the strides
that we see Russia making, they put Yuri Gagarin out
into space before we did, and that was scary. There’s a lot of shit going on here. We have the Van Allen belt, lost cosmonauts, Gus Grissom, cross hairs, we’ll get there, competing shadows. My theory is we didn’t really
have the technology to do so. Look at the computers that they were using in the Mission Control. They were like 16-bit computers, they were like TI-83 calculators. We’re in this race, we are running up against an issue with the Van Allen belt. (dramatic music) The Van Allen belts are
these radiation belts that kind of exist here. It’s radiation and that
would tear up the human body. NASA was having a really hard
time trying to figure out how to safely send someone
through the Van Allen belts. Russia knew that we
didn’t, but couldn’t say, you guys don’t know how to get people through the Van Allen belts, and we know because we don’t either. (dramatic music) Russia quietly failing to send people through the Van Allen belts
had killed a number of people. (dramatic music) Gus Grissom was one of
the original astronauts on the Apollo mission. He was originally gonna be
the first man on the moon. There’s a conspiracy theory
that NASA murdered Gus Grissom. He was publicly critical of NASA’s success and ability to reach the moon. They needed him quiet. Right there, 1967, Gus Grissom died. They failed Apollo I mission,
in which Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee
died in a fire before launch. (dramatic music) There are a lot of discrepancies based on the footage of the moon landing. And a lot of those, I
don’t necessarily believe are good, hard arguments. What can’t be explained away is the crosshairs on the photos. In the images of the NASA moon landing, these are photos that
NASA took and released, there are moments where the crosshairs which are fixed to the camera
actually lie behind equipment. The theory is, that the only
way that the cross hairs would be behind a piece
of equipment in a photo, would be if the piece of
equipment was super-imposed. This happens on a couple of
occasions in the NASA photos, and to me, I don’t know
how you get around it. (dramatic music) Say this is the photo of the moon, we got the rocks in the moon here, let’s say the sun is over here, right, well we got shadows naturally this way, but in some occasions,
there are shadows competing. This would suggest another
light source over here, sending the shadow this way. If you’re on the moon, there
wouldn’t be two light sources. There would only be the one, the sun. (dramatic music) The lack of artifacts. The easiest way to prove
that we’ve been to the moon is to show people the things on the moon. However, everyone insists
we don’t have telescopes big enough to see the
shit we put on the moon. The going argument is that to be visible from our best telescopes,
something would have to be a little bit larger than a small house. That’s nuts. (dramatic music) A lot of people suggest that the footage is just slowed down half-speed. We shot it in a Hollywood
studio, jumped around, drove a lunar lander around sand, and then just cut it by half the speed. You take the actual footage
from the moon landing, you do double speed, it
looks almost exactly like a normal car driving around on a beach. Really very interesting. Look into it. (dramatic music) A lot of people have
recreated the footage. It is very easy to do. BuzzFeed has done it. Did it almost exactly, and perfectly. I recognize that this looks like the ramblings of a crazy person. People look at me like I’m
crazy, they’re whispering, I hear it, they go, ooh, he’s nuts. Do your own investigation. Come up with your own conclusion. And I think that you might
find that that conclusion leads you to believe the
moon landing did not happen. (dramatic music) – You’re a moother? – Okay (laughs) – Are you a moother? Answer the question. – I didn’t realize you were
a moother, he’s a moother.