How to Vlog and a Few Reasons It’s So Popular

Hey, I’m Matt Koval and I am video blogging
in the middle of a public sidewalk. To be honest I don’t feel all that comfortable. I feel a little silly. And I feel like I probably look like an idiot. Hello. Why do creators do this? Why record yourself for the whole world to see? Why? Because being yourself on camera can create
a deep and long lasting connection to your viewers. Video blogging has been YouTube at its core. In fact, the first ever video uploaded to the site
in April of 2005 was someone talking to the camera. Alright so here we are in front of the elephants. YouTube was one of the first platforms
that allowed people to tell their story on camera without a middle man or gatekeeper. And since the popularity of the site
has been largely built on the video blog. In this lesson of the Creator Academy,
we’re gonna talk about why video blogging is so effective the ways creators do it on YouTube,
and how you can get started right away. Click the link below this video and read up on how to vlog.