How To Turn Any Gloves Into Touchscreen Gloves

As the weather cools down, layers of clothing
start to build up. But this poses a problem—whether you’re
texting, swiping, or taking a photo, gloves can force you to choose between freezing your
communications or freezing your fingers off. Come to think of it, why don’t most gloves
work with touchscreen devices? Capacitive screens, like the ones found on
smartphones and tablets, use electricity to sense your touch. When your skin—which can
conduct electricity—touches the screen, it completes a circuit and the device detects
your finger. Think of your phone like a plasma globe. Electricity is constantly flowing inside, and when your finger makes contact with the glass, a connection is formed. In the case of your phone, insulating cloth
doesn’t conduct electricity nearly as well, which is why it seems like your warm, covered
digit is being ignored. It’s like putting an object between your hand and the plasma ball—quite literally, blocking the connection. But, what if there was a life hack—one that let you wear any gloves you want and be able to use your phone? You’re in luck! It exists, and it’s surprisingly
easy to do at home. All you’ll need is a pair of gloves, a marker,
a pin, a sewing needle, and some conductive thread. Conductive thread is exactly what it sounds
like—thread which can carry an electrical current. It can be found at many major crafts
and hardware stores. The first step is to figure out which parts
of your fingers you actually use on your phone. It’s most likely the side of your thumb
and tip of your index finger. Once you’ve taken note, put on the gloves, and mark these areas with a small dot on the fabric. Stick a pin through the dot and then turn the gloves
inside out. Using the pin as a guide, thread the needle
and start placing stitches on one of these spots until you’ve covered about ¼-inch
of space outside the glove. Make sure to leave longer pieces of thread on the inside of the glove, since that’s what will complete the circuit
between your hand and the screen. The best way to test the gloves is the flip
them back and try them out. If they don’t work, try adding more stitches. But if they do, you’re all set! Enjoy using your phone without
freezing your fingers off! Or, wrap the gloves up, and
give them as a homemade gift.