How to Take Biology Notes

Hey guys! Today I’ll be showing you my process for taking notes from my biology textbook The first thing I do is write the title of the chapter in the header position of my notes. Then I skim over the headings to get an idea of the structure and information in the chapter. Then I flip back to the first subheading and write a shortened version in my notes. Then I finally start reading paragraph by paragraph and I summarize every paragraph into one bullet point that I write in my notes. I also add the definitions of any bolded vocabulary words. And now I am repeating that process for every paragraph and subheading in this chapter. You can see the pauses where I stop to read over the paragraphs and think about what I want to actually write down. I hope you found this video helpful! I upload new videos every Monday and Friday and I upload pictures of my notes on my Tumblr and Instagram which will be linked in the description. See you next time!