How to prepare for NET Exam in Sociology- Useful Tips- Interview with Shameed, JRF Holder

Question: Tell me about your self (Name, graduation, PG, Presently what is doing?
graduation sociology from Calicut University
pg sociology from jamia millia islamia
currently perusing PhD from jamia millia islamia Question: How did you prepare for 1st paper?
For me the old questions are hardly repeated exactly in the same formate. However, they are periodically repeated by molding the question in a different pattern. I went through the old questions and prepared a note of the frequently asked facts, it will be very much worthwhile. The old question papers or previous year’s questions papers and answer keys of ugc net examinations are available in website itself Question: How did you prepare for 2nd paper?
The same I did for the second paper, i went through the last 5 years old question papers, that helped me to familiarize the area of questions and the syllabus. George Ritzers book on ‘sociological theory’ helped me to the basic understandings on theories Question: How did you prepare for 3rd paper?
literally this pattern of examinations are not measuring your deep knowledge towards the discipline, you just need a peripheral idea on the subjects, for instance, thinkers name their works, concepts and all. For me I didn’t get much time for the preparation so I went through the old question papers and wikipedia that helped me understand which all areas I have to focus more. If you have enough time for the preparation go through the basic books on sociological theories and all. Question: How many months you devoted for this and how many hours a day?
Actually study hours are depend on your understanding level on the subject. For me I devoted one month for the preparation and 2 to 3 hours in a day Question: Your message for JRF aspirants?

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” -H. jackson Brown-