How to Make Magnetic Slime – Science Experiment

Today, I’m gonna show you how to make this really cool magnetic slime. It’s fun to play with, and to watch what happens when you introduce a magnet. Start, by taking a bottle of Elmer’s Glue. You might find other PVA glue also works. Take the top off, and empty it out into a bowl. Fill the bottle halfway with water. Screw the lid back on and give it a good shake, to clean the inside of the bottle. Then empty it in to the bowl as well. Next, we need a packet of Borax powder. Take a tablespoonful. And stir it into a small jug of water until it dissolves. If you haven’t got any Borax powder, you could try using a laundry detergent like Tide or a bottle of liquid starch. You can check the ingredients to see if they contain Borax. And carefully use some of that instead of the solution i’m making now. Next, we need to mix the PVA, and slowly pour in a small amount of the Borax solution. You don’t need a lot, you can always add more later. Keep mixing it with your spoon and you should find very quickly it starts to clump together and looks slimy. Keep on mixing it and after a while, you can use your hands to mold it all together. Keep ongoing and you should end up with a nice ball of slime like this. Pretty cool, huh? It strechy and slimy and really fun to play with. You can put it on the table, and carefully watch it melt into a blob. To make it magnetic, we’re going to add some iron filings. Pour some on to the slime. And work it into the mixture. I’m adding a little bit more, and really folding it in. You need to make sure, theres no pockets of filings, like this which haven’t been mixed in. So keep ongoing. And when it’s ready, you should have a light grey slime. Now if we take a magnet, and hold it close by, you can see how it reacts. The slime’s attracted to the magnet and you can make it move. You’ve got to be quick or it’ll stick to the magnet. These neodymium magnets are really powerful. And you can watch what happens, when they get stuck into the slime. Pretty cool, huh? I have speeded up some of the footage, so it’s quicker to watch. It can be difficult to get the slime and the iron filings back off the magnet. You can stack magnets, to make them stronger. And carefully watch what happens as the slime jumps up. And wraps itself around. It’s great fun to play around with. And watch it all move. If you try to keep this slime, to use again on a later day, you’ll probably find the iron filings have gotten rusty and turned it all brown and disgusting. So I wouldn’t try keeping it. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video. If you want to see more, then click on the links on the right hand side. Or take a look at my youtube channel page. Stay safe, have fun and as always, thanks for watching! Doo Doo Doo Doo music.