How to Make Grow Buddies – Watch Sophie on Sac & Co, ABC10 | Sophie’s World

Mother’s Day is around the corner and
another thing that makes her smile from ear to ear is her special day and when
she gets something made from the heart from her little ones and that’s why we
brought in Sophie Maletsky she is our fantastic YouTube star from Sophie’s
World she’s going to show us how our little ones can make that special gift
for our mom so dads if you’re watching this is a great thing
for a dad to do for a mom I love this it’s a little grow buddy so you can make a little you to give to your mom so adorable and
all it is is grass seed a little dirt and one of these leftover nylons
that you know that you get a runner in all the time – don’t take your good ones yes
seriously on Mother’s Day where are my good nylons oops moms you
just have to warn you that if your if your husband or your children come to
you asking for your pantyhose with the runners in it this might be
why so don’t be concerned you’ll go okay sure here so let me show you what
happens right so we’re gonna use the nylon and I’m gonna we’re gonna make one
together but see this here this is what’s tied off once you’ve made the
head and this is what’s actually going to water your plant so you never have to
dip it in water after the first dousing I like to say and let’s
make one because yes let’s get to this and this is a great way to teach kids
about gardening it’s a great way to teach kids about you know how things
grow so what I’m going to do is I’m going to open this up Melissa okay and
I’m gonna have you take a teaspoon and a nice teaspoon don’t be shy a generous
teaspoon put it right in there right in there and I’m just gonna shake it up a
little bit okay now let’s do it like three four scoops of that so let’s start
with one scoop mmm we’ll get that in there and we’re on there yeah you can
get a little bit more I’m gonna shake it down for you okay now I’m gonna move my
fingers up so I just kind of get in the bag shape happenin here alright keep
filling it it’s gonna make like a mr. Potato Head when it’s all done here you
and like you said this is arts and crafts but also a little bit of science
exactly and you know you see I’m pushing it down as you get in there just
because we want to get a goodly amount in there because we’re gonna use a can
as our holder are we good yeah we need a little bit more because we’re
gonna be kind of chubby I you know I’m always like go for the fat right
yeah yes really nice chubby okay there we go okay so that’s great so then what
we’re gonna do is just tie it off now one of the things that’s kind of
funny is if you get that that grass seed kind of mixed in with the dirt right
then you get when it starts to grow you’ll get them coming out of the ears
okay so that’s what you want to concentrate it so it’s the hair exactly
well now we’re gonna give it a nose and the way we’re gonna do that is we’re
just gonna take them and move this off to the side here okay I’m gonna take a
rubber band and these are just those tiny little rubber bands and we’re gonna
give them an nose cute so you can just grab pull grab pull shape the nose and
give him a nose and then you can give him some ears exactly you want to go for ears
exactly and you do it the same way just take those little rubber bands give it a
little pull adorable right yes and I don’t you know another thing to I love
about your crafts Sophie is that these are items that you typically have around
the home yeah you should if you’ve got little ones you
probably have plenty of these little plastic rubber bands I know I find them
all over the floor constantly vacuuming these things oh yeah if you’ve got a
dollar store near you too okay so then this is just a can alright
we’re just taking a can and I’ve used some felt to cover it up to make it
pretty exactly decorate that to however you
want for Mom now before we do anything let’s give you some eyes real quick so
they’ll get your eyes and we’re gonna show everybody how we douse him you got
it okay so we’re doing these two big eyes
excellent I’m just gonna put a little Bloop of glue right here and a little
glue right there okay very gently place that on there okay and so this is just
an example of the awesome things that you come up with you have your own
youtube show called Sophie’s world you have a book called sticky fingers where
you do amazing crafts with duct tape where can people find you Sophie so if
you just go to our website you will find our link to our YouTube
and you’ll also find a link to over 500 craft 500 crafts okay but we got our can
here is this we’re gonna put the water it says later so what we would do before
we do anything with our buddy we would put them in here and just give him a
little soak and it’s okay can actually put those hot-glued pieces
in the water and it’s alright it’s not going to hurt it at all so you just get
them nice and damp like that and that’s going to get them a good starter