How To Make A Plant Stand Out Of Wood

I’m Natalie and I’ll be showing you
how to make a plant stand. Indoor plants are all the rage at the
moment, and there is no better place to put your plants than on top of a
beautiful plant stand. For this project, you’ll need a clamp,
a drill, a pencil, some varnish, some drill bits, a tape measure,
some masking tape, a saw, a paint brush, some wood glue, sandpaper,
a sanding block, timber, a square, 40 and 50-mill wood
screws, and some dowel. We’re going to make a plant stand
that’s 50 centimeters tall. So, cut your length of timber accordingly. Use a measuring tape and a pencil to mark
out your lengths, and a square to make sure your lines are straight. Use a clamp to secure your timber
so you don’t slip while you’re cutting. I’ve cut 4 pieces to 22 centimeters,
4 pieces of timber to 28 centimeters, and 4 pieces of timber to 50 centimeters. This will form the base of my plant stand. I’ve chosen to varnish the timber of my
plant stand to bring out the natural grain in the wood. I’ve used this British Paints
One Coat Clear, and as the name suggests, you only need to use one coat. I’ll be joining my top and bottom frames
using wood glue and dowel. This will make for a better finish
and no obvious joints. I’ll be using my square to mark
the center of each piece of timber. That’s where I’ll be inserting my dowels. My timber is 30 millimeters across,
so I’ve set my square to 50 millimeters. So, I’ll be measuring that
to find the center. And now, I’ll drill a pilot hole
to insert our dowel. I’m using a 6-mill drill bit which
is the same size as my dowel to drill my pilot holes. I only want to drill half the depth of my
dowel, so I’ll mark that on my drill bit with some masking tape. Use a clamp to secure your timber
and drill your pilot holes. Mark 15 millimeters in from each end
of your piece of timber. Just do this on the side,
so that your pieces of timber can butt in together just like this. ♪ [music] ♪ Insert the dowel into the holes on your
28.5-centimeter pieces of timber. Then use your wood glue and attach
the 22-centimeter piece of timber. Then repeat the process to form
the other end of your base. Now, it’s time to attach the length
to the base of your plant stand. You will need to drill some pilot holes
that are slightly smaller than the screws you’ll be using. I’ll be using 50-mill wood screws to
attach the lengths to my bases. Use a clamp to keep everything secure
while you drill your pilot holes. You will need to drill just off center
because the dowel is going through the center of your timber. Now drill your screw into your pilot hole,
and repeat the process for the other four legs. Now that the base is complete,
it’s time to add your top plate. I’ve got a piece of timber that’s
28.5 centimeters by 28.5 centimeters, and it will fit perfectly on top of my
base. Turn your plant stand over
so you can drill through the base into your top plate. ♪ [music] ♪ And repeat the process
on the other three sides. Then your plant stand will be finished. Bob’s your uncle,
Margaret’s your aunt, and that’s how you
build a stand for a plant. A great styling tip is to build a couple
of them in different sizes and make a cute little cluster in the corner of your room.