How to Get a GIRL to Approach YOU – 10 PSYCHOLOGICAL Tricks to Attract Women

Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence. Today we’re showing you 10 psychologically
magnetic ways guys can get girls to approach them. And because we want to be sure girls come
to you and not the other way around We’re also showing you one thing guys do
all the time that gets women instinctively running the other direction. So, to make sure you’re on her mind, here
are 10 psychological tricks to get a girl to approach you, plus the one thing that will
keep her from ever saying hi. #10 MAKE AN OPENING
You may not realize it, but some common habits you do everyday,
…may be putting up barriers that are more than enough to keep a girl you like from approaching
you. For instance,
if you’re wearing your headphones, looking angry, or just standing too far away,
it’s going to make it difficult for her to get to you. So to make sure she doesn’t have a reason
NOT to head your way, make things easy for her. clear the path, remove barriers, and stay
No, that doesn’t mean you’ve got to go out of your way to always “look cool.” All it means is that women are much more likely
to approach …if you seem relaxed, comfortable and showing
openness with some good vibes. Because just as you’d rather not walk up
to a girl when she looks wound up & stressed out,
she’s much more likely to approach you if you simply look easy to deal with. #8 DON’T BE AN… As we mentioned, being cool and relaxed will
help a girl know that you’re approachable, As we mentioned, being cool and relaxed will
help a girl know that you’re approachable, but also being kind and generous to those
around you will let her know that you’re not a jerk. It may not always seem that way, but girls
don’t actually like jerks and being rude and obnoxious to everyone will
drive away a lot more women than it will attract. So our advice? You don’t have to be the nice guy, but you
do have to be the good guy. #7 HAVE FUN
You don’t have to stand on top of the tables or swing from the chandelier, but if you can
try your best to be in the moment and let go. Because guys, you know this:
Girls love being around guys who are having a good time and look like fun. It’s basically a law of nature. So if you’re out and really enjoying yourself,
make sure you show it. #6 BEARD CARE
It goes without saying: If you’ve got a beard,
that also means you’ve got a daily responsibility to keep it clean and food-free. While women love the rugged look and we know
it’s always beard season, the last thing a girl wants when she finally
approaches you, is to smell your beard before she can even
start talking. Ok, guys, just a short break here to remind
you that at the end of the video we’re going to let you in on one misstep
guys are CONSTANTLY doing that guarantees girls never even consider
coming their way. So to keep the girls coming, stay tuned til
the end of the video. Let‘s continue with the next 5 psychological
tricks to get a girl to approach you. #5 CONTRAST YOUR STYLE
If you’re like most guys, you probably have a type of day-to-day style you like to stick
to. And while we’re sure your fashion sense
is awesome, if you want a girl you see a lot to finally take notice
…few things work better than simply dressing differently for a day. Why? If a girl sees you dressed the same exact
way day after day, you become another predictable part of her
routine. So when you all of a sudden dress differently,
not only do you show her you can branch out stylistically,
but you also psychologically remind her she can’t always know what to expect with you. #4 HAVE A GREAT ONLINE BIO
If you’re on Tinder, Bumble, or any other dating app, a great bio is a MUST. Because if you want a girl to swipe right,
you’ve only got seconds to create some real intrigue. Here’s what works:
Along with a great pic that tells a story, add a few quick things you’re into, and
of course what kind of girl you’re looking for. Despite what it may seem,
your profile does not need to be all that clever to get a girl’s interest… And in many cases,
trying to be too funny or cute can actually hurt how a girl sees you online. #3 ACCENTUATE
Just like everybody knows women are drawn to foreign accents in a guy’s voice,
they also can’t ignore tasteful accents in a guy’s style. So if you’re looking for a way to show a
girl you’ve not only got an eye for detail, but also instantly appear more interesting:
Incorporate small stylistic accents into your day-to-day style. If you wear a lot of dark colors:
Throw in a bright colored hat, socks or shoe laces. If you wear a lot of lighter stuff,
throw in some black. It might not seem like much,
but you’d be amazed at the small details women will notice. #2 Don’t forget EYE CONTACT
You’ve heard it before, but if you want to create instant psychological allure,
you’ve got to nail the initial eye contact. When you briefly lock eyes and connect with
a girl that you like, not only does it give her the signal that
you’re interested and wanting to meet her. but it’s also just about the only way to
show her you’re confident without talking to her. #1 USE YOUR BODY Language Tricks
Here’s a statistic you may have heard before: Over 90% of communication…
…is nonverbal. Admittedly, we’re not sure exactly how reliable
that number is, but body language is indisputably important
when it comes to psychological communication. So practice these techniques:
Build familiarity by subtly copying her posture and her movements. Next,
stand at the classically relaxed 45° angle when talking. And finally,
don’t stare too aggressively. Women love eye contact but the first thing
they look for… …is comfort and safety with a guy. The #1 Psychological Trick that DOESN’T
Work to Get Women Coming Your Way As we promised earlier, here’s the one thing
that will have women immediately intimidated: NOT SMILING. As you likely know…Smiling is one of the
most inviting things you can do. It puts people at ease and lets them know
that it’s ok. So if you want a girl to approach you, start
with giving her a smile. Because who knows? That smile, could be what brings her guard
down enough to finally chat and start the chemistry between you two. And if you’re self conscious about your
smile? Speaking openly and charismatically might
just do the same trick. That’s 10 psychological tricks to get a
girl to approach you. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs
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