How to back up a trailer,Tips and Tricks

I’m going to do a video that maybe some
people take for granted that they know how to do this so this video wouldn’t be
for you but there are people out there I’m sure who maybe are new at backing up
a trailer hooking up a trailer as a matter of fact what maybe decide to do
this video is on the blog I go to the survivalist blog net there was a person
who had just gotten a trailer and they were experimenting I guess with backing
it up or you know practicing starting to get good at it and I thought to myself
you know I bet you there’s a lot of people that don’t know there’s a few
little tips and tricks and and ways to make it a little easier and I’m gonna do
a video about that so you ready you’re gonna help you’re gonna spot me all
right I’m gonna just go about this like I was going to be hooking up my trailer
here’s here’s what I want to show you an easy way to hook up your trailer and
breezy I’m gonna have to let you down if you get in my mirrors so well I’ll call
back up we’ll do this just in real time first here’s my trailer back over here okay breezy I’m gonna have to let you
down you wanna get down you got to get down alright there’s my trailer when you
want when you hook it up to your trailer are backing up to it you want to make
sure you have an equal amount of that trailer in each mirror and I do not so
here’s what i’ma do all right I can see the fender and I’ve got about the same amount in
this mirror so now I’m going to back up to where I think I’m you know getting
close to it the hitch I’m going to show you away I’m going to
stop now I want to get out I’m going to see how far how much further I have to
go back I’m pretty sure where we’re you know square with the trailer don’t
that’s somebody working in New York don’t go to barking alright
I would say we are about 30 inches from that being on that now I’m going to look
at this from another angle and it looks like we’re pretty much square and that’s
what making sure you have and you have the equal amount in your mirrors does it
puts you pretty much square with this all right so I’m going to show you how
to judge 30 inches on this method you may have to get out more than once but
I’ll show you how I do it take something heavy that won’t move let’s see I will
use a wrench just later you can use a stick or rock or something that’s
already there like you know cigarette butt see how far my foot is from that
wrench that’s about the same distance that I want to back up so let me put
this in Reverse if I oh yeah I’m going to say now I’m gonna
go back this pair cuz it moved there we go alright now let’s see how close we
are pretty damn close and if you’re that close you can let take a little weight
off of that and I swear you can pull your truck or pull your trailer take a
little more weight off pull your trailer a little more weight
or you could just get back in see now you’re now you’re on I’m gonna
go ahead and move this all the way up and now I’m going to show you the easy
way to back it up now that was an easy way to hook up
let me grab this wrench more I go off of forgetting now safety chains I always put my safety
chains on when I get on the road if you don’t have them it’s just what you’re
doing if you don’t have them as you’re placing a lot of other people that you
don’t know in danger if to me it’s kind of reckless and careless if if you don’t
have safety chains you know you’re taking a lot of liberties with the
health and life of other people alright my truck has two kinds of plugs this
plug is for trailer that has electric brakes I don’t use that I had a camper
at one time and I used it then but I don’t have a camper now and this is the
plug I use now as a matter of fact I just rewired this ground wire I’m not
going to go ahead I’m just in my driveway so I’m not gonna plug that in
but I always check my lights before I leave my biggest well one of my
complaints about people with trailers is and it takes no effort to make sure your
trailer lights work no effort and I see so many people driving down the road who
haven’t even bothered to plug their trailer in so you can tell when they’re
stopping I just wanted to give you a shot of that again all right let’s uh
I’m gonna pull this down the road out in my driveway I’m not gonna all right I’ll
tell you what I’m gonna what I’m going to do is go out here turn around and
then pull up in my driveway and then back my trailer back around here you
know what I’m gonna do first I’m going to show you how to back up straight
first so use the same principle okay you want to use the same principle
that you use when you’re backing up towards your trailer you want to keep
the same amount of trailer in your mirror and here’s another tip that I
will mention and I might mention it several times because lots of people
don’t know this if you want your trailer to move to the left you turn your
steering wheel to the right while you’re backing if you want your trailer to move
to the right you turn your steering wheel steering wheel to the left it’s
just the opposite all right let’s go let’s back up here
you want to keep if you want if you’re happy with the direction the trailer is
going in you want to keep it with the same amount of trailer in your mirror
and when you make corrections here’s another mistake people make when they
make corrections they make major half a turn corrections
if you stay with it and you can you keep that amount of trailer in your mirror
the corrections you need to make our minor minor minor Corrections okay now it is going to the right my
right son which is where I wanted to go I wanted to go square with that with
that building back there so I’m going to let it I’m going to follow it what I’m
going to do is turn my will to the right and I’m going to follow that some I
don’t want to get out of hand but I want to keep that slight arc that I have
going okay now I’m going to straighten it out because I’m back where I want to
be so I’m going to put that same amount of trailer in my mirror again that means
it’s going straight backwards I hope you can see that it’s hard to do
all this wall backing alright I’m going to go out and turn around and I’m going
to come up here in my driveway and I’m going to back my trailer back here where
I’m at now you won’t have to watch that we’ll be right back see how I got my trailer started I’ve
got the ark that I want started now you can’t really Jack your trailer around
that much so I may have to take two or three different stabs at this but what
I’m going to do is get my trailer in the general direction that I want so I want
my trailer to go to the left so I’m going to put a couple of turns to the
right just to get my trailer started on the ark that I want it to go down the
path the Avenue the directions all right now that’s that’s a good arc that’s
that’s a direction I want to go in so I’m going to unwind it a little bit I
don’t want to get too far or else those jackknife the trailer now okay it’s
going in the direction I want so now I’m just going to sort of follow that arc
with my steering wheel if it goes too far one way I want to unwind if it goes
too far the other way I’m going to wind it wind it up a half turn okay now I’m
in the general direction I’m going to go back to that blue tarp there okay here’s
here’s how far the trailer is that’s where I want it right beside that house
there and that’s where it is it’s probably a 1012 feet away from where I
want it now go forward okay that’s about how far that’s about
how far I want it from the house that’s about perfectly straight right there
so we’re going to back I’m going to try to keep that amount in the mirror and
it’ll be perfect and the the simple fact is the more you
do this the easier it comes to you the better you get at it
now I want to try to stop pretty much where that wooden block is back there
and I kind of know where that is yet one way when my truck goes off the edge of
the curb pull forward just to skosh and that
ought to be right over that block or close to it all right let’s go see close
enough now if you had you sure wouldn’t want to
do this if you had weight on your trailer because if you do that it might
be too much weight past the axle with nothing about loading trailers axles are
generally past the halfway mark and when you load a trailer you want to make sure
you got the majority of the weight on the I’ll say left left side of your axle
the side closest to your towing vehicle you don’t want it you don’t want to put
all the weight up here but let’s say you were going to put a thousand pounds in
this trailer you would want about 600 on that side 400 on that side you want
tongue weight you want a little bit of tongue weight not too much if you get
too much then your trailer does this squirrely fishtailing thing going down
the road loading your trailer right is as important as a tying stuff down all
right you see if I forgot anything I just
repeat when you’re backing up and you want to go straight you want to keep the
same amount of trailer in each mirror and sometimes your trailer is a you know
not as wide as your vehicle or your mirrors can’t see any of the trailer so
in that case you would you know if you didn’t see any mirror any trailer in
either mirror as soon as you saw some in one mirror or the other you would react
with a steering wheel if you wanted to go back straight second rule of thumb is
many small corrections are way better than one huge correction I mean it’s
better to wiggle that steering wheel a hundred times and to put a turn or two
turns on it once you get into that predicament you kind of you’re here
you’ve gone out of control then if you do get back where you where you need to
get it’s more by accident than by skill which is you know the way you learn so
there’s nothing wrong with doing it over and over and over until you finally get
it and and then it doesn’t become a problem then it’s just a matter of
practicing the the basically you have to get this big picture in your head back
in is not easy and I’ll tell you the truth my wife probably doesn’t want me
to say this but she drove an 18-wheeler for 23 years and she never got good at
backing and you know in her defense I did the majority of the backing just
because it was easier and quicker and there’s a lot of people looking at you
and you’re in the way I mean when you pull into a warehouse and and you’re
backing up you basically stop in traffic in both directions and you got to do it
further quick or people get pissed anyway steer turn your wheel the
opposite direction you want your trailer to go in small minor adjustments are
better than major steering wheel adjustments hook your safety chains up
make sure you tell lights work that’s just you know it’s only right you have a
little more responsibility when you’re pulling a trailer load your trailer
right make sure you put a little more weight closer to the truck then away
from it and while I’m here I’ll just show you some of the things I have to
tight tie stuff down with I drove a truck for way over half my life and I
saw a lot of stuff very expensive stuff that was destroyed from coming out of a
trailer and landing on the road and you know smashed into a million pieces
because it wasn’t tied down enough so when you’re going down the road you not
only have side forces if you’re going around corner or curve you have
centrifugal force you also have if you’re on you know a
major highway you have seventy mile an hour winds that are trying to push what
you’ve tied down off 70 mile an hour winds I’ve seen people going down the
road with a brand-new king-size mattress set tied down with a string and it’s not
going to get there anyway here’s what I got plenty of chains and I have binders
chain binders to me pretty much what I use all because they don’t give when you
use rope you have to check it occasionally if you’re going very far
and take the the slack out of it and I have these u-bolts that I put on the top
rail all the way around I even have them on the bottom below my
tailgate there I think I even have a couple up here do I know I used to
that’s right I I put that there and I had to remove them anyway if I can ever
answer any questions about backing up let me tell you it’s one of the few
things that do well so I’d be glad to answer any questions