How To Attract A Woman Without Saying A Word (Backed By Science)

How To Attract A Woman Without Saying A Word
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So, how to look more attractive without saying a word? Gentlemen, that’s the subject of today’s video. I’ve got ten tips for you backed by science. Are you ready? Let’s do it. Tip number one, gentlemen. Don’t be afraid to make your final adjustments
right in front of her. So, she’s approaching you, she can see you,
you can see her and you’ve got a mirror right here. Don’t be afraid to look in that mirror to
make sure, hey, I’m looking good my hair is in place that my collar is straight. Now, some guys are going to think that’s vain. That’s not the case, and that’s not how women
perceive this. What they perceive is this guy cares how he
looks, and more importantly, he cares to look good for me. Now, as with all the points in today’s video,
this is within moderation, just look once look quickly, get it done with. Don’t be afraid to get caught doing this. The point is you don’t want to be staring
at that mirror for so long she comes up and is wondering are you just in love with yourself
which, you know, maybe you look that good and you could be. Next up, on the list, we’ve got licking your
lips or touching your lips. Understand that when you do this you draw
attention to the lips and it’s something that both men and women find attractive in each
other, but just don’t overdo it. And, this is key, if you’re just touching
and licking your lips, understand, you’re — she’s going to wonder what’s going on with
you. But, the point is if you do this, don’t be
conscious about it just realize this is a natural response, it shows that you are interested
in her. Next up, gents, turn to face her. Now, this is okay, but this is better, you
want to have your whole body facing her even if she’s across the room. Because here’s the deal, you may have a better
ass than Captain America, but she is going to get tired of looking at your backside. She wants to look at you up and down and you
want to be facing because you were showing interest in that direction. She wants to be within your interest zone
and you need to basically face her with your full body. Now, speaking of facing her, let’s talk about
your face. Are you taking care of your face? Are you taking care of your skin? Guys, if you’re not taking care of your skin,
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with the best discount code you’re going to find out there. Use it or lose it. That deal is not going to be around forever. Great deal. Go check them out. Use that link down in the description. Next up, gents, when you’re walking, don’t
be afraid to strut your shoulders. This is based on a 2007 study coming out of
Texas A&M University. What they found is that men which move their
shoulders a bit more they had swagger, they were found to be 50% more attractive. Now, that’s a lot of attraction for something
very simple, but something that actually naturally happens when men know that a woman is watching
them. Basically, we are just showing off that were
larger that we’re bigger. To make your shoulders look a bit larger,
you want to wear a jacket. It could be a leather jacket, it could be
a sports jacket, some type of jacket which is going to create a clear-cut point right
here on the shoulders. When you build up the shoulders, you look
taller, you look stronger, you look more attractive. And, if you’re interested in how to walk with
more confidence, check out this video right here, one of my best videos. I absolutely love this one. Next up, gents, make strong eye contact. And I want to refer to a 2002 study coming
out of MIT and I really like this one because they talked about how babies, you know, at
a very early age children are looking at adults and they’re following the eye contact. And guess what? We never lose this. We use eye contact and we follow the direction
the eyes are looking. It’s a very primal thing. Men and women are looking at the eyes, they
convey so much. And so, I know a lot of you guys, it’s very
difficult for you to maintain eye contact, it’s very difficult for you to make that eye
contact, but you can practice this. This is going to be a very powerful skill
for you to become more attractive. Next up, gents, stand your ground. If you have a woman approaching and she gets
closer, you do not want to back up. When you back up, understand that this is
something it’s universal you are repelled. [0:04:59]
Now, understand different cultures different countries, we’ve got different amounts of
space that we consider to be our personal space. So, if you’re new to a country and you’re
talking with a woman and she gets up really close, understand this may just be natural
for the culture. And you want to make sure if you’re interested
in the woman, that you hold your stance and you let her get closer because she apparently
does want to get close. So, the next tip to come off as more attractive
without saying anything is to take up more space. Basically, to open yourself up and in some
cases even expose your front area. Why does this make you come off as more attractive? Because you come off as more dominant, you
come off as powerful. We see this in primates in which the top gorilla,
he’s just going to lay back. He’s showing that, hey, I’m the top guy in
this area. So, if you’re in a bar in a place where you’re
out there and you’re just relaxing, don’t be afraid to open up and to take up a bit
more space. And, speaking of being in a bar going out
with your friends, make sure that you go out with other people preferably attractive women,
go out with some of your buddies. What you don’t want to be is that lone wolf,
that guy out there by himself because — and this is coming out of a 2015 study out of
Whitman College. They showed that how other people think of
you if they’ve put ratings on you, you’re going to be perceived as much more attractive. And that’s exactly what it is when you are
with an attractive woman, when you’re with any woman, when you’re just with a couple
guys who are your friends, you are showing the world, hey, these people at least have
said I’m not some crazy and that’s what you’re looking to signal. Women will find you more attractive if you
have been deemed by others to be socially acceptable. Now, believe it or not, 80% of men in the
United States do not wear fragrance on a regular basis which is kind of funny because most
guys know they don’t want to smell bad they wear deodorant, but they don’t think of the
advantages of smelling great and, better yet, having a fragrance which is associated with
them. Women have about 40% more of sensory when
it comes to being able to smell things. So, understand they’re much more sensitive
than we are and it’s something that you can use to your advantage. Something that when you put it on, you feel
great you’re going to act more confident which makes you more attractive, and you’re going
to have a signature scent which she’s going to remember. Now, it’s important to note don’t overdo it
when it comes to fragrance. And if you need a quick tutorial on how and
where to apply fragrance, check out this video right here. I’ve got you covered. Now, this next tip, gents, you knew was coming
and that is dress sharp stand out from the crowd because if you look like everybody else,
well, how is she going to be able to differentiate you from everybody else? Develop your uniform your go-to style, something
that represents who you are and what you stand for. Most guys out there they are falling into
a fashion trend. Yes, the t-shirt, the jeans, the running shoes,
the baseball cap. That’s a fashion trend. Be that 1% to 2% of the guys out there that
you’re not afraid to be the best-dressed man in the room, that you’re not afraid to dress
in a manner that you look sharp you look great and that is having the courage to be yourself. Have fun with your style, tons of options
out there whether it’d be your watch whether it be your boots whether it be a jacket. Now, this next tip based off a 2000 study
on the British Journal of Psychology is one of my favorites. Don’t be afraid to go out there and walk your
dog. Why? You become so much more approachable. Don’t believe me? Check out this video right here, I go into
even more studies. I talk about, yes, how you can be more attractive
with your dog. And, guys, don’t forget down in the description
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