How Many Dimensions Does The Universe Have?

This episode of DNews is brought to you by Canon PIXMA Pro, professionalling jet printers exactly as you envisioned. If you’re living in a three dimensional space passing through the fourth dimension in one direction, what happens if a fifth dimension baseball breaks a window? Everything happens. Yeah. Physics is messed up. Hey everybody! Thanks for watching DNews today. I’m Trace. Get your brains ready! The new Christopher Nolan science-fiction epic, Interstellar, was… well, it was epic! It’s a beautiful movie filled to the brim with so much science and they explain some of it, but not all of it. So, that’s why I’m here. For example, they explained how a wormhole might look, easy, but didn’t explain the idea of higher dimensions as thoroughly as I would have liked. I was watching and there were times when I got lost in just the massive quantity of science! So I figured let’s do some explainin’! Dimensions of space-time are really complicated. Really, really complicated. We understand the first three because we live within them, we have mastered them even as babies. The first dimension is a point, a single point, think of it as like a coordinate. If the whole universe was a number-line from 0 to 10, one dimension would be like… 6, or 3. You’d know exactly where that was in the universe. Two dimensions is also pretty simple, two lines, two numbers. Maybe a six on the X-axis and a 3 on the Y-axis. We now know where that is. We live in the third dimension, so we add another number line. That’s the Z-axis. And those three numbers tell us exactly where we are in space. In Interstellar, they get into higher dimensions. According to theoretical physics, String Theory requires 10 dimensions! So we are only in 3 but physicists say that at least 10 dimensions exist. I know this is tough, but bare with me. So sticking with the coordinates in space, let’s think of you, right now. Keeping it simple, you’re at a latitude, a longitude, and an altitude. Those are 3 numbers that determine your 3-dimensional location, right? What about your fourth dimensional location? The fourth dimension in this case would use time. A timeline would be the fourth line in our group. With 4 numbers we know exactly where you are in 4-dimensional space. You’re on top of a mountain on January 5th, at 12:06 and some odd seconds. And moving any of those numbers shows a different location anywhere in the past, present, or future, or anywhere in space. It’s not too difficult to imagine so far, I hope. If you were a 4- -dimensional being, instead of a 3-dimensional one, moving along your timeline would be as easy as any other number-line, just like walking down the road. So, that being said, let’s blow them out the airlock a little bit. So try and imagine a world without linear time, where time is just another thing that you can move through, like swimming or walking. moving backward, forward…easy. It’s crazy right? Now what if you want to move left? or right? That is the fifth. What about up or down in time? Now you’re in a 3-dimensional place and you’re moving around in time, based on probability and permutations of what the 3-dimensional spot could have been, is, was, or will be on different possible timelines. Quantum physics says the fifth and sixth dimensions are the exploration of all of these possibilities and all of permutations of the choices made. Now, for the last 3 dimensions. If we could take a point and move through it in space and time including all the futures and pasts possible for that point. What about moving along a number line where the laws of gravity are different, the speed of light has changed. Dimensions seven through ten are different universes with different possibilities and impossibilities and even different laws of physics. These grasp all the possibilities and permutations of how each universe operates and the whole of reality with all the permutations therein throughout all of time and space. The highest dimension is the encompassment of all of those universes, possibilities, choices, times, places all into a single thing. This is heady stuff, for sure! But it comes into play in Interstellar, a little bit, with the idea of “Them”. No spoilers here, I can’t go into too much. But this is basically a rundown of what the dimensions are. Ten dimensions of space- -time sounds kind of crazy, but mathematically it jives with how physicists are beginning to understand the universe using a single grand theory. Of course, there’s another theory that says there aren’t 10 dimensions, but 11 dimensions and that’s a whole other thing. Let’s not get into it, my head already hurts. In the end knowing more about dimensions and how they exist won’t really help you in your day-to-day lives, unless you’re a theoretical physicist. But, there are people out there who study this this stuff every single day and are trying to learn more about how gravity affects time, how the higher dimensions affect quantum theory. This is huge big brain stuff and it is stupid cool. If you see Interstellar and you want to know more about the relativity, or black holes, or whatever, let me know down below in the comments. Make sure you subscribe for more DNews, and check out these other videos down here. They’re awesome too. Thanks for watching everybody! This episode of DNews is brought to you by Canon PIXMA Pro, professionalling jet printers, exactly as you envisioned.