How Do Astronauts Shave In Space

Each one of us has a razor and a set of blades… There’s a whole stack of them kept right over there. Shaving cream, after-shave lotion. So we apply shaving gel onto the face in smooth motion. Then wipe hands with a dry tissue, right, Mikhail? And then slowly shave, nice and neat, like this… and then just wipe everything off with a dry tissue… Then we wipe off gel residue with a wet tissue. These are also great for a refreshing face wash in the morning! And since it’s a wet tissue – we leave it to dry, because every drop must be saved. The more we save – the less water has to be brought up from Earth. There, shaving’s done! And of course the aftershave as a final touch. I quite like this one – it’s moisturising, soothing and only mildly scented. Strong smells can be bothersome to others so it’s better to use something neutral. Right, Mikhail? – Absolutely!