How Do Astronauts Drink In Space

Next I’d like to tell you how water behaves in microgravity, but without the cup I showed you earlier… This is Gennady sending me a snack here, some oranges have just been delivered by our cargo ship Progress. For water we have these special drink bags. We insert the inlet nozzle into the water dispenser and open the valve. You can hear it pumping the water into the bag. And now we have a bag of pure drinking water… Well, it’s a “Hint of Lemon” actually, so a lemonade! Then we insert a straw – see how everything is airtight, no water escapes, very convenient to use – and we drink through the straw like so. If I leave the valve open little droplets can escape – this once again shows how important it is to be careful with water, especially during washing up too, as you can see how easily it floats away. So this is our lemonade. Once the vibrations dissipate it will become a perfect sphere, and up close you can see little air bubbles trapped inside. And now, if I may, I’d like to have a drink – just like speakers that have these water bottles in front of them when addressing an important audience, I do feel a bit nervous too… Thank you for your attention!