Hospital Buddies – The Nebraska Medical Center

We’re making lava lamps.
Gotta squeeze it, now let it go. Eva, you should be stirring.
It’s through our pediatric interest group over at the college of medicine. We recruit
from that group. And this year, Joe and Meg took it over and we decided to shake it up
a little. I had the idea of bringing science into these
kids’ lives. And what better group to do that than medical students.
You’re going to put it the little alka-seltzer tablet. You’re going to put it in your bottle.
OOH! Look what’s happening in there! The only rules are – they can’t wear their
white coats over here. This is just a fun activity. They get out of their comfort zone
and come have fun. Oh, that’s really dark. OK mix it in.
It’s kind of .. it humanizes you. You learn so many things from books, but you don’t get
a chance to learn it from the patients. You get in here and realize they’re just kids.
They need to get dirty and have fun. This is a chance, even though they’re in the hospital
they get to keep some of that. It’s pretty cool. We do different experiments
and stuff. I knew this would be an experience for the
med students. Especially those first years who don’t get a lot of hospital experience.
They get to come apply what they’re learning to the children over here at the hospital.
But I think the biggest benefit I saw, is that these guys are relaxing. The students
would come in very tense talking about finals. I go pick them up at the college of medicine
and walk them over here, they’re talking about tests and things. And it gets to be after
4 o’clock and I tell them they have to go back and study.
Oh, that’s cool!! You made it really red!
A little bit of science here. It kind of depends on how old the kids are. Some of it’s play
time. But you can tell some of them are future doctors and nurses right there with you.
Oh baby! What’s it feel like? Ehh! It feels cool. Like jelly! As good as it is for the kids, it’s good for
the students to have this experience.