Gym Hygiene and Disinfection Video from Hyperion Biotechnology Limited

WILLIAM: Hyperion has developed a totally new type
of biocide. It’s composed of two parts. The first part kills micro-organisms instantly.
The second part prevents repeated infections for up to four months. JOHN: When William first came into the office he
was telling me about some of the benefits. He said one of them was that he claimed he
could get rid of the smell of bad training gear. We have a lot of busy hard working fighters
so I went to one of their lockers and I came in with the worst head gear and shin guards
I could find and he sprayed it down. I didn’t notice any difference then but he said give
it 24 hours. I came back and the smell was gone. Obviously it was nice that the gear
didn’t smell bad anymore, but that is also telling you something big because the smell
is produced from the bacteria so if the smell is gone it means that the bacteria is gone. WILLIAM: Prior to sanitising the gym, we take samples
to measure the numbers of bacteria currently present. We compare these results to the results
after the treatment. JOHN: This field is not something I’m an expert
in so when I got all the data from William I sent it on to a friend of mine who is a
mico-biologist. When he saw it he was impressed by the trials
and by the results so that was a green light for me. I’ve a lot of world class athletes training
at this gym and one thing I cannot play around with is hygiene, that’s a risk I can’t take
and it’s something that I wouldn’t put up with. WILLIAM: Once the samples indicate that the treatment
has been successful, we can then issue the certificate of hygiene to your gym. JOHN: My gym has been certified to the highest hygienic standards available and that gives me great piece of mind.