Grundfos Case Study: CR 95 Pumps Increase Efficiency, Reduce Downtime for Chemical Plant

We’re a chemical processing and distribution company. We manufacture water treatment chemicals for the end-user. Grundfos pumps handles 100% of our water needs. They do our boiler feed water, they do our raw water demands, and they also do our potable water. The old pumps were Gorman Rupp, and they were very hard to maintain, very costly to maintain. They took a lot of time, materials and money out of our pocket on a yearly basis. So it was time to make a change. A lot of the challenges were reliability with their previous system. So there were a lot of service issues. They were continually having to shut their old pumps down in order to fix them. The CR 95 is part of our completely new hydraulic range for our vertical multistage pumps, which allow us to reach in applications that we weren’t previously able to do. Other applications including reverse osmosis wash and clean and temperature control. They are low maintenance almost maintenance-free, very efficient, very quiet. Before, we had a very noisy room where we had to use hearing protection. We eliminate that now, so that’s another hazard removed from the area. The four-pump Hydro MPC system allows the customer to take one of the pumps down, service it, and the other three pumps are still able to handle their system demand, so they don’t have to shut down the entire plant. They can keep operating and get that other pump fixed. Already we’re saving over 30 grand a year just on rebuild cost and the maintenance side. When we started doing the legwork on it, we already knew that IPE was gonna be the go-to. So we got Dave Rossi and his team out here to help us out IPE has been in business for the last 23 years and we’ve been partnered with Grundfos since the beginning. Without the capability of the new Grundfos CR 95, the customer’s flow and pressure demands wouldn’t have been possible in the past. The pump, we set it and leave it and it pretty much senses pressure and demand in the plant. It’ll ramp up and ramp down automatically. Depending on how much demand is needed for the plant, the pumps can adapt to those changing environments. It actually calculates which will be more efficient—running one pump at 100% percent or running two pumps at 50% or even 40% . We’re really happy to be using the Grundfos product. It’s been very successful, and IPE is taking great care of us. The service has been excellent. You