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The latest season of ‘Grey`s Anatomy’ has
brought lots of excitement, drama, and broken hearts. In our compilation, we`ll tell you about the
personal lives of some of the actors who played the roles of our favorite characters. And before we start – we share new exiting
celebrities videos every weekday. So we sure that you’ll subscribe our youtube chanel! Do you remember the first seasons, where Alex
was a stone-hearted womanizer? The word ‘commitment’ scared the hell out
of him… Well, contrary to his character, Justin is
a steady family guy, the kind you hardly find in Hollywood. At the start of his career, Justin worked
as a model for Calvin Klein. Keisha was also a model, and one day ran into
Justin in the office. The two felt a spark straight away. The rest is history. This year Justin and Keisha will celebrate
25 years of marriage! Can you imagine that? When Justine is not saving lives and listening
to Meredith`s problems, he spends his time with his beloved family. The actor and his wife have the most adorable
kids – a son Jackson and daughters Eva, Kaila, Isabella, and Maya. Ellen Pompeo officially has her own McDreamy
in real life. She married the successful producer Chris
Ivery in 2007. Like in Hollywood stories, the couple accidentally
met in a LA grocery store! But they didn`t start a romance right away. In a very romantic way, perhaps, even better
than Derek’s surgery-strewn elevator proposal, Chris got down on one knee on her 37th birthday
with a 3.5-carat diamond ring. Once they got married, tabloids were constantly
spreading rumors about Chris cheating on Ellen and that the couple is going to divorce… Regardless, Ellen and Chris still stay strong
together. They now have 3 wonderful kids! We are very glad for Ellen to have found her
real-life McDreamy! In the series, Dr. Miranda Bailey solves medical
mysteries all the time, but in real life, Chandra Wilson is an unsolvable mystery all
by herself. And if we know everything about Miranda`s
personal life, Chandra`s romantic side is shrouded in secrecy. We do know that Wilson has been married for
over 20 years now and that she has 3 children. But her husband’s name is still unknown to
the public. Why is she keeping his name a secret? Well, we can only wonder. There must be a serious reason if she has
carefully concealed the name for over 20 years… As in the personal life of hottie Mark Sloan,
Eric Dane has a very complicated relationship as well. After getting married almost 15 years ago,
Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart faced some serious struggles. Last year, Dane left the series, ‘The Last
Ship’ to finally overcome his deep depression. After everything, the two separated in February
this year. Dane wants to stay with the couple`s daughters
Billie and Georgia, and recently filed for their custody. When asked about his personal life, Dane only
says that he feels happiest when he’s at home with the children. Dane lost his dad when he was only 7 years
old and now states that the girls are the family he actually never had before. “I know I’m a very lucky guy.” Seems like McSteamy is about to open his heart
for a new love! Charismatic Patrick Dempsey, who played a
talented neurosurgeon, found ‘the one’ in real life as well. As in the show, Patrick faced challenges,
a nasty divorce and a tough fight for new love. 30 years before, Patrick was married to a
much older woman. The union ended in divorce 7 years later. After that, Dempsey married the hairstylist
and makeup artist Jillian Fink. They have 3 adorable kids together. But it was not easy. After 15 years of marriage, they were on the
verge of divorce. It was hard for them both, but Patrick realized
he was not ready to give up his marriage. Eventually, the couple withdrew the divorce
papers and is still happily parenting their kids together. Sarah Drew is also a strong Christian, just
like her character on Grey`s anatomy. She was once asked by a fan about the age
when she lost her virginity. She proudly replied: “I waited ‘till marriage.” Sarah Drew and Peter Lanfer married more than
15 years ago, and they still seem pretty happy. Peter is also deeply religious. He is a lecturer of Jewish Studies and works
at Dartmouth College, an Ivy League school. Although, not everything in their marriage
went smooth. Sarah needed time to truly believe in the
purity of her husband`s love. After dealing with personal issues for a long
time, Sarah finally opened up to him and it blew away the couple`s troubles. It was the moment she started to trust him. Sounds like a real Grey`s anatomy story, doesn`t
it? What a blessing to have such a romance in
real life! Jesse Williams divorced his wife Aryn Drake-Lee
even though she supported him when he was a struggling actor. His friends report that Jesse did it because
he now “wants to be the hot single guy in Hollywood.” Aryn, working as a real estate manager, was
the main breadwinner until Williams scored his big role in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. They’ve been together for 13 years and have
two children. Friends believe that Hollywood fame changed
the actor`s attitude toward his marriage. What the true reason is, we may never know. Nevertheless, his ex states that Jesse is
in a new relationship now. Aryn Drake-Lee says that Williams has been
taking their 2 kids to his new girlfriend’s house and the children even call her “Mama C.” Perhaps it was something else that ruined
their marriage, rather than his desire to be a bachelor. Jessica has been happily married to Christopher
Gavigan since 2004. Christopher is an entrepreneur and the CEO
of Healthy Child Healthy World. Jessica and Christopher have a son and 3 beautiful
daughters. As a husband and father he is all in” she
revealed. Capshaw believes that there is no such thing
as a perfect balance between work and family. She is a strict realist, and admits it. Well, if so, it seems she is managing both
work and family pretty well! Looks like the hot Italian guy, Andrew, has
already been winning over the hearts of women. And even though Andrew was left with a broken
heart at the end of last season, in Giacomo’s personal life, everything is great. Last year, Giacomo announced on Instagram
that he proposed to his girlfriend Nichole over Thanksgiving weekend. Nichole, who is actually a makeup artist,
posted additional images of the big day, including a look at her new bling. “Yesterday my best friend asked me to marry
him in the most romantic way, a day reliving our love,” she wrote. “We are thrilled. I wouldn’t want to do this life with anyone
else. I love you baby and can’t wait to be your
wife … This man has showed me what true love is. What a dream come true, pinch me.” Despite the fact that Gianniotti’s acting
schedule keeps the couple apart, Nicole is really supportive of his career. She recently posted exciting news about his
upcoming film, ‘Acquainted’, on Instagram. Well, we are dying to find out more details
about the wedding! It appears that Camilla found her Alex in
real life. However, this time it went without all the
dangerous ex-lovers and big drama. Camilla announced on Instagram that her boyfriend,
Matthew Alan, proposed to her. “Sooo this happened on New Year’s Eve,”
she captioned a slideshow of three photos of her engagement ring. “I’m not sure I even let Matt get through
his proposal before I started yelling YES YES YES!! Of course it was a yes!” The future spouses have been dating for about
5 years. As we know today, the couple has not given
any details about the wedding yet. She is a talented neurosurgeon, the sis of
McDreamy and quite simply a woman with constant issues in her personal life. We are used to seeing Amelia Shepherd as exactly
that personality on screen: charismatic and talented, however always getting into trouble. And she also stays a committed child-free
woman… In real life, Caterina is the absolute opposite. She has been happily married to Canadian musician
Rob Giles for 9 nine years now! She gave birth to her second child recently
and seems to be happier than ever. Caterina shares pictures of her beautiful
girl Paloma through Instagram. Photos of her little angel are filled with
happiness and genuine joy! What other characters are you eager to know
more intimately? Tell us in the comments below.