Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Trailer (HD)

It’s been 15 seasons. Alex: You need somebody to be- Meredith: My person? Of feels. And still, Grey’s never skips a beat. Thursday, September 27th. Richard: Back away! [gasping and screaming] An explosive love triangle. Teddy: Oh crap! Amelia: She is the woman that my ex-husband kissed before he was my ex-husband. I think he is still hung up on her. Hot new docs. It IS heaven! Someone ask for an Ortho god? And the kind of twists Jackson: Here we go! Only Grey’s can deliver. Teddy: I’m 11 weeks pregnant. Can you help me? Koracick: If you want him back, you’re gonna have to fight for him. DeLuca: Come on, fight for it! DeLuca: Dr. Grey? Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere Thursday, September 27th. Followed by How To Get Away With Murder. On ABC.