Grey’s Anatomy 15×10 Trailer “Help, I’m Alive” (HD) Season 15 Episode 10 Trailer

– [All] 3…2….1. – [Narrator] This season on Grey’s Anatomy. – [Andrew] She’s coding! – [Meredith] Get an echo in here! – [Jo] You are in a love triangle. – [Meredith] There’s no love,
there’s no triangle. That’s how you’re looking for drama? – How am I supposed to wait? Like this? – [Teddy] I am pregnant with Owen’s baby,
and I really need a job. – [Owen] This whole situation is a mess. – [Thatcher] Meredith,
there’s so much to say. – [Miranda] Please, come home. – [Ben] But you broke my heart. – [Jackson] I feel like a scared little kid. – [Owen] Everybody listen to me. I’ve just been accidentally
injected into my IV, which means I have about 30 seconds
until I will be paralyzed. (Owen faints) – Incoming! – [Dr. Koracick] We are incredible. – [Amelia] Someone should
really do a study on us. – [Andrew] He likes you and you
keep giving him false hope. – [Meredith] Who says it’s false? Do you want to go to dinner? – [Jo] Love triangle! – [Narrator] Grey’s Anatomy
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