Governor Rick Snyder Tours Michigan Sugar Company Plant

Michigan Sugar Company has been around for
over 100 years and about 12 years ago the growers banded together, over 1000 growers
banded together and bought the compnay and really saved the company to produce over a
million pounds of sugar a year, process about 4.5 million tons of sugar here at the state.
Manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism are our three big industries and I’m excited about
the future. You guys got us through the tough years, the missing decade there, in terms
of ag was a shining light during that period, but I’m excited for the next 20, 30 years.
If you look at what’s going on globally, it gets back to the basics. We can export more,
we can do more value added processing, and we can do more research and development on
great products, and that’s why I was excited to come here today. You’re doing them all!
We start harvest in early September and run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and run until
the first week in March, taking those 4 millions tons of beats and turning them into a million
pounds of sugar. I love the concept of the cooperative, where your shareholders are all
making it happen together with a great team of close to 2,500 people. It was great to
take the tour to see how you’re processing and adding new things and expanding things
like the pwdered sugar, the brown sugar, the different areas that add more value towards
the process. and you’re continuing to do the research and develeopment in terms of new
innovation, new processes, and new equipment. We’ve got everything from agronomist to agriculturalist
working with farmers to grow a better crop all the way to the other end of the sales,
selling our product. So every step in between. We take a raw product, a beat, and turn it
into a finished product, we package it, and ship it in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, up state
New York, and around the Great Lakes region. This was easy to come here folks. This is
good Michigan success. So I want to thank you for your effort to help the whole Michigan
economy. The outlook is bright. In the last few years, we’ve put a lot of money into the
facilities to reduce energy, we’re very energy intensive. We’ve put a lot of our money into
value added packaging- powdered, brown, specialty projects, smaller packages that you’ll see
on the grocery store shelf. I’m excited. I’ll be excited for the rest of my day thanks to
my stop here. Thank you very much.