Geir – Lecturer – Sociology and Social Theory

– My name is Geir Henning Presterudstuen and I work as a lecturer
in Sociology and Social Theory here. The specialisation
is eResearch and Social Analytics, which is a new specialisation within the sort of revamped
Master of Social Sciences. It’s basically about ways
information technology changes the way
people organise their lives and also, in turn, it shapes
how social researchers gather data and how we can do research. So it sort of combines
grounded social sciences or different perspectives
on social theory with skills from computer science
and statistics. Analysis of big social data sets
are becoming increasingly common in a lot of fields,
whether it’s local governments, all throughout the private sector, media are using it, as well as research agencies
and non-government organisations. They actually want people with high
ability to analyse social data sets and use social data in productive ways, to sort of cater
particular development programs, or whether it’s cater particular
programs or products for particular consumers
or social contexts. I certainly think that a combination of classic social theory knowledge, which of course includes critical
thinking and analytical thinking, and combining that with
some very specific technical skills in order to both carry out research,
analyse research, and also combining that
so you start critically thinking about the effect information technology
might have on people’s everyday lives as well the effects it might have
on social research as a field. I think, as far as I know,
it’s a completely unique degree and it really feeds into the really
cutting-edge type of research studies being done in this field,
and as a graduate, you can come out, of course,
with a truly unique skill set and fit into… ..sort of fields of research
and fields of work which is really developing and becoming increasingly common
and popular.