Fox News Proudly Doesn’t Understand Women or Science

the conservative madness continues
soapbox business talking about the pure research study and they wanted to and
share their opinions about women being the primary program breadwinners within the household and of course uh…
is the mood obs had uh… some interesting things to say let’s stick to
take a listen to that but we are usually do i want to turn to
started can research but showing that women that have become
the the bread winners in this country and a lot of other concerning and
troubling statistics that should be in large letters on the front page of every
newspaper in america because what we’re staying with a lot of ten families now
the woman is the primary breadwinner your saying the disintegration of
marriage you’re staying men who were hard hit by the economic recession ways
that woman work but you’re saying i think systemically
larger than the political stories that we follow everyday something going
terribly wrong in american society and it’s hurting our children and it’s gonna
happen impact for generations to come that was their resident liberal on boxes as juan williams they didn’t
say anything not crazy uh… what he thought of the disintegration of
marriage which is charter but i don’t buy it it wit heated frame it in the context
uh… women being the primary uh… breadwinners in forty percent of homes
as a few study any city’s terrible at cetera i would have been a lot more clear about
where was coded and uh… and obviously no dot is the
beginning did ms any words you said forty percent of women be the bread
primer red orders probably surface and by the way compare that to i said satan intellect
is dangerous money-making pro-abortion cocktail it was like the
weirdest bangla to me that we don’t have that private club for you guys like with
me and mention it because he was like the and then these
women in their abortions and it’s like in view of liberal women is like that we go to work during our lunch
break we go get a quick abortion and then uh… we come back a alexa this is incredible to me the way these
guys think and it’s just it’s like a demented way of thinking shows that seem
quite over cotton game that we can’t control it
anymore remember when we used to be able to tell
what they do now there are enormous money primary
breadwinners a troubling troubling you noticed that i think that
they have more kids if they don’t have that there were a place where they would
do with their bodies if i can not corrupt discussed it on and she can insistence that nothing like
it and things in there in your opinion within europe one living
room there for pregnant slip from nineteen sixty well entire fox news fox business channels are from the nineteen sixties a
nineteen fifties s and by the way so as our audience yeah like that’s when they
were growing up is is in that time period or work had become adults actually sitemap originators near seven for for
the shelves so now if you go about was bad orbits payload of the rest of yeah so
here’s a repair x and and uh… when he had to say it was ridiculous lunch i used to liberals telling
conservatives that there can t science but it means that this is the liberals
would have been there since it is not a bad thing barbaric and decide who you look at my
house and look at the natural world of rolls of of a male a female in society
and other animals that the male typically is the the dominic role that
the female it’s not antithesis or is not competing as a complementary role we as
people of smart society have lost the ability to have compliment relationships
uh… in nuclear families it is tearing us apart that it what i find interesting
the surveys that three-quarters of the people surveyed recognize that having
mothers the primer breadwinner is bad for kids in bed for marriage it in
reality shows as thats the truth well politicians won’t say it that’s what bothers me a rick uh… can you really get a handle on nl
i dot well women were rivers of harnesses super distracting criticisms
the role for a quick second just okay some spacehab nothing noses
cheeks so movies i was also a cartoonist it’s just a slight difference hitler
lips it’s a good idea to have a live update
on the substance forget what i do not hesitate to keep costs samara smart
society it into the side of it while hiding easy you think that in their in in the actual
world edition that males are dominant and in in all the different animals that’s not true it depends on the species really does
and it depends on the animal i mean on amanda marquardt wrote a really great
piece on this issue talks about uh… you know out the fox is right fox’s actually are very gal terry and
and what happens is both the male and female foxes will go out there no hunt
for food for their children so let’s listen to say it like hasn’t females which is not it’s funny because he’s trying to make a
point about how republicans are not anti signs and as he’s saying that he’s being
very anti site i believe the penguins to mail takes
care of egg in the female goes to get the food f right and into the praying
mantis where the female bikes to head off the mailing for sex purdy dominant with their ok ivy and
appointees smugness out his favor i thought well i have started sliders and
concluded that might be ever thought that he answered correctly and well anytime but monkeys in a
descendant of the closest to us among or for that obviously that in the
animal kingdom off first of all they live in communities so
is totally different it’s not like in some of the eight some mailers domini
as a harem right in other communities it’s bought by old
sacks of ancient families are having sex niles oz the in indianapolis opposed and and it’s not the traditional like
what judeo-christian already said acf eight their having straight sex or
having to use sex to taking care of the kids together sometimes a woman gets up
and sometimes the guy gets up and sometimes they were going to have days
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