FOX FIGHT: Science Guest vs. ‘Fox & Friends’ Producer

think this one camp I brought to you by
of rocks newsChannel specifically Fox & Friends
and Scientific American editor Michael Moyer now Michael Moore was brought on to new
segment for them recently and this at all what are the new trends
in size that makes sense given his position some but he tweeted after he went on air about some curious things he was told
not to talk about he said Fox & Friends producer want to talk about future
trends I said number one will be impacts ok
climate change I was so pick something else up true wrongs so I he went on to say later about the only
interesting thing that the scientific community is sure will happen in the
next 50 years the climate change is going to get worse and there were going to have to deal
with the impacts so I put that as one of my talking points and
apparently a producer then contacted him and said here not so much with the climate change
talk okay and so he went on: had to do a
performance anyway and to do this segment but
without talking about climate change will show you that in a second and then
the fallout from it but he said more tweets after the segment he said when on Fox and Friends this morning
kinda feel like I should take a shower damn okay and then he went on a tweet I
couldn’t sit in the box a friend’s room beforehand because watching the show made me cool raise a every single
segment was an anti-obama agitprop who give me a sense that he’s
not a big fan of boxer friends the one final parting shot he said
everyone’s in a bubble a makeup girl where you think the plane
is me puzzled bottom lotion her know it’s on a
military base somewhere okay that much I would have done that
last week I will get back to that in a second our first let me show you what he did on
air though would perfectly pleasant exchanger was watch Mike on where the
senior editor for scientific American good morning
good morning first everything by 2016 will have new jeans to cure disease that
there are placed the bad with the good right exactly they’ll put in if you have
a defective gene that may be cutting the key me know or they’ve actually cure it a little boy
who had blindness we’re going to discover more earth-like planets read more we just
started discovering earth-like planets about two weeks ago we found one which
is in habitable zone around its star type do
they have football we don’t know yet we don’t they might
have water but they certainly might have put ball up the fantastic credible the hood job Tillman it by era is attempting humor I hope a so now
that’s not the issue the issue is of course that we said he said afterwards
now house Fox impress gonna react to that
who not well here they come the next morning we had
one yesterday to talk about futuristic trends in the talk about gizmos in the future that will make life even
if it is just up with chromosome yeah Paquet you know what and it was an
interesting segment two and yeah I’m I thought we had a nice chat before the
same in air unit during a commercial break it afterward and all that but
apparently he can’t quite see it that way because
see what the couch curry catching it on the building he
starts saying things like this on Twitter went on Fox and Friends this morning
kinda feel like I’m should take a shower okay so that was so
I i believe you could take that as a negative yeah and I i think is pretty much a have
yeah theme K now that you feel now that’s
right he was insulted okay so apparently
they’re not too happy about that how dare he but you know in their
wrestler commentary here you can see some
interesting in somewhat revealing things let’s watch and so anyways so I that seemed weird to
us but then she kept waiting he also attacked our makeup
artist his road to everybody’s in a bubble makeup girl where you think the plane is me puzzled bottom of the ocean her no it’s on a military base somewhere I’m
not dead that’s a little of killer krik
personally here in makeup and make him look better than ever right right my path sleep at Ibiza now he’s
he’s commenting and and making her look like and here on social media now I wouldn’t
call your makeup person immediate on TV like that I would have tried to info go in a
different direction but overall I don’t even disagree with them on this
like I would love to make up person at a red and they don’t represent fights and
friends or Fox News & there’s a lot of people that were going
to PB station I’ve got a lot of interesting ideas now it’s true that in the box
mobile line is a lotta crazy there but it’s a target rich environment if
you just picked on the on-air host but now we go to the heart of this was watch with the money he had to pick
with foxy said was that he wanted to come on here and talk all about climate
change of producers decide what we what we air right now I
would challenge all we talk about it all the time at I picked up to about it all the time I
don’t know what he’s talking about you know Concerned Scientists so did a
study that the release recently back in 2012 Fox News I seventy-two percent of the time the
date mention climate change they included misleading information
seventy-two percent of the time okay such as all the different things
we’ve shown in the past but it’s let’s go global warming it’s
snowing outside football football football bob all the
other planets 72 was on time but you know what you
think that’s bad my point well was actually a stellar year for them in 2013 the
number times that they had entirely factual statements when they cover
climate change on Fox News was seven percent only seven percent of the time where
they entirely factual think over climate it all the time I
don’t know what he’s talking about that’s crazy dog and who knows who I
mean hey we governing we like right by the way a more than one onto produce an email where producer
specifically asked can we replace a climate change with something else so now what the misunderstanding here is about is
that it’s not that Fox & Friends doesn’t talk about climate change this is that they don’t wanna scientists
to talk about climate change because he might actually present the
facts more earth says that he will not be
going back on program to this point is unsurprising