Forensics project FINAL CUT

This just looks like a normal caffeine pill induced heart attack, why are we here again? No, it’s because of the calling card Looks like a calling card, do we have any known gang affiliations? None that we can tell, his name is John Goldbloom. Son of a stock broker, he hasn’t even got a parking ticket on record. Son of a stock broker? so… what, hit man takes out the son to get to the father? We don’t have any calling cards like this on record Huh… guess I’ll bag it, get it in to the lab techs. They can use their new tool on it. What is it? The…ahh… superglue hotbox? What is that called? No, no. it’s a cyanoacrylate fumer, but it’s a playing card, so probably dusting or iodine Yea, you’re probably right. *Phone ringing* I’ll take this Agent Easley, Who’s calling? …huh… ah ha… you don’t say… alright. we’ll be over once the morticians process this body. Got it, be there in a sec Another body? it’s not even noon. Yea, found him over in central park. A couple joggers spotted him whilst running. Looks like a stabbing. Got it Begin evidence log on case: UC-79 Log: 001 Initial results of testing conclude that the pills found on John Goldbloom’s body are laced with a home lab grade derivative of potassium cyanide. Further testing results will be available in roughly ten to eleven and a half hours. Evidence log: 001 stopped. File recording processed. Archive complete. Well… that’s just disgusting. what, don’t like a bit of blood? “a bit” of blood I can handle, but this… this is just messed up. Is that… oh. oh boy… what? That wouldn’t happen to be an ace of hearts, would it? I think it is. *sigh* …Might as well get that knife bagged, it could be important. Well, at least he died quick. Huh? what do you mean? Arterial spurting, all over the ground. The knife probably hit his carotid artery. Bled out in seconds. well, at least he didn’t suffer too long *Phone rings* I’ll take this Agent Easley, Who’s calling? Oh, hey. You don’t say… ace of clubs? Yea, I know what it is, we’ve got two bodies with cards on them just today. over in canton? Alright… Yea. I don’t know, I guess ship it over, we’ll try and process that too since it’s all related, obviously. Alright… yep. be in touch. Another body with a card? Yea, over in canton. Looks like somebody doesn’t like these guys, can’t for the life of me find out why… Begin evidence log on case: UC-79 log: 002 Testing on the knife found at the scene of Chris Steven’s murder has yielded no results. however, iodine fuming on the playing card at John Goldbloom’s scene has yielded a full print, which is currently being run through AFIS Evidence log 002 stopped. File processed. Archive complete. Hey, check this out. Same class ring? …yeah. Two dead bodies with the same class ring in a day, both with the exact same calling card? That doesn’t sound like a coincidence. What do you think? *coughing* a-are y’all the ones investigating my friends deaths? You know something about the deaths today?
Yes, i do. Oh, si- c’mon, sit down. Alright, sir. you have information about your friends that were murdered? yea, um… I know the guy. he’s after me. Who? who’s after you sir? w-We were- it W-was just a joke. it was just a joke! Who did you play this “joke” on, sir? His name is an-*hrk* *choking* Sir! Doctor! we need a doctor! It’s too late for him. What do you mean? get a Doctor! CPR! Anything! No, we can’t do CPR on him. Do you smell that? What?! Almonds. Potassium cyanide. If I try and preform CPR it’ll just kill me too. There’s nothing we can do for him now. Ace of spades under the label. Looks like we’ve got a serial killer on our hands. it does indeed. Welcome user: MALICE Begin audio log: 001 And well… that’s that. 4 down, 16 to go. I have no doubt the police are already piecing together the puzzle. only question is; will they find me in time to stop me? I have no doubt you’ll eventually catch up. I have no doubt you’ll eventually find your way to this audio log, but just remember, that when it’s all said and done, they got what they deserved. Each and every one of them Maybe even less in some cases. they’ll have died almost instantly from the poison or knife… I died over the course of four years. All due respect, MALICE out. Siri, begin audio journal entry 12/2/2021 Today has been… a day. New serial killer on the loose. 4 dead in one day, but that’s not even the worst part. not one victim is over 25. And judging by the calling cards, there’s going to be a lot more. *ahem* doesn’t help that the killer is a nobody, no match on the print we’ve run through AFIS three times. And the cyanide we found on the bodies is a home variant, so there’s no way it came from a local source. Best we can figure is the victims and the killer went to the same college, but that doesn’t help much considering 80% of town went to KSU Well, im’ma stop rambling and get to bed. This guy’s not gonna catch himself and I need to be on my A game tomorrow. Agent Easley, signing off. *technically fair use NCIS theme, please don’t DMCA strike