Forensic Science Degree Course – Megan Owens on why she chose the course

I’m Megan Owens and I’m studying Forensic
Science and I’m on my second year. I was a full-time student at college, I was
doing philosophy and law and English literature, but I really wanted to do a science and Glyndwr
University drew me in because they had a foundation year set up so I didn’t need my science A-level. They allowed me to come and study what I really
wanted to do and that’s what really drew me here. It was just perfect in every way. We do chemistry, biology, we do the the CSI
modules and the court modules so it includes a lot of different things, it’s basically
applying a lot of scientific knowledge to the real world and to crime scene investigation. The support is really good, they’ve got open
door policy and I can go and talk to them whenever I want. I can email them and they
get back pretty much the same day all the time. If I have a problem with a lecture I just
go up to them afterwards and go through, step-by-step what I’ve missed and I get all my work back
within two weeks with really good feedback so I can really improve for next time. We’ve got fully set up labs, we’ve got the
chemistry, biology labs, we have this crime scene house that we’re sitting in, which is
set up to mimic different crimes and you can come in and investigate them as if you were
a real crime scene investigator. We also have a body farm where we can do real
life experiments and we can put tissue out there to see how it decomposes which is really
useful for projects and anything that you really want to study for your last year which
is a big part of it. I’d say come and have a look around and see
for yourself because there is a lot it can offer you. There’s so much going for it here
and it’s a really good place to study. There’s a lot of help if you need it, but then there’s
a lot of independent learning if you prefer it that way. It suits everybody’s needs. So, there’s plenty of open days going on that
you can alway come and have a look and talk to the lecturers, talk to some students, it’s
really good experience just to come out and have a look and see if it’s the place for