Feminist Science – Part 1

Feminism we are told, makes a significant
contribution to the social sciences, feminism offers a unique, and much needed contribution
to our understanding of our shared reality, the unique insights we gain by viewing the
world through the lens of feminism and feminist science, is simply not possible, with the
more male dominated, conservative and traditional natural sciences, often referred to by feminists,
as male stream science. Colleges and universities have well funded
departments, devoted to feminism, typically called Women’s or gender Studies departments,”
these women and gender studies departments, over the last few decades have shifted their
focus, away from issues of justice and equality, and now have an ever increasing interest in
the sciences, and science within these departments, is viewed as a male construct, mathematics
is considered as a product of male chauvinism, and biology, particularly evolutionary biology,
is denounced as sexist. In society there is no single feminist point
of view, and the term feminism, is taken as describing a wide range of perspectives, but
this is not reflected in gender or womens studies courses, in gender studies departments,
a very narrow perspective has come to dominate, within these gender studies departments, social
constructionism, has become orthodoxy, because of a perceived need, to see gender roles as
social construct, rather than as a biological determinant. This world view is adopted wholesale, such
a view is necessary, in order to further the feminist political agenda. The devaluation
of facts, logic, and even rationality, all of which, are often dismissed or denigrated
as masculine linear thinking by feminist scholars, this view of science, as a corrupt and toxic
product of the male mind, is not driven by the feminists’ devotion to truth, but rather
a self serving desire, to leave themselves free, to make any claim, and that such claims
should be left unchallenged. Womens and gender studies departments have
presented a litany of unsubstantiated feminist theories, these theories have been taught
to cohorts of young impressionable students, these students are ill-prepared to examine
them, because these notions, are dressed as well researched, and properly documented feminist
correctives, to male prejudice. But feminism is a political ideology, the
claim is that it advocates for equality, and this is how it is described in its dictionary
definition, political ideologies have no analytical utility, you may critique from an ideological
perspective, but ideologies provide no objective analytical tools within their framework, to
believe that they have such utility, is at best foolish, at worse reckless and often
dangerous. history has lessons to teach us, about the
consequences of conflating science and political ideologies, to say that Nazi and communist
science, did not end well, would be an understatement, the consequences of allowing ideologies to
warp and distort science, is a matter of historical record, soviet academies produced pseudo scientists
for decades, destroying genetics as a viable field of study for generations, feminist science
is simply Lysenkoism, the only difference, is that the bourgeoisie is replace with the
patriarchy, but in its essential form, intent and its methodology, it is recognisably Lysenkoism. Universities in the west, have for decades
been incubating an alien and irrational ideology, instead of studying gender issues, universities
have been teaching feminism, this uncritical propagation of ideology is simply indoctrination,
the opinions, ideas, and beliefs of feminist scholars go unchallenged, unchecked and uncorrected,
the product is that each cohort shaped by this system, becomes ever more irrational
and intellectually dysfunctional. In this series of short videos, I will be
taking a critical and unsympathetic look at the feminist lens, in the next video I will
cover the feminist relationship with knowledge often referred to as feminist epistemology,
to end this video just in case you might be harbouring the suspicion that all this is
pure hyperbole, and that I engage in a polemical exercise, I will end this video with a short
clip, I will leave it to you to interpret what you see and hear, listen carefully, and
come to your own conclusion. Until next time, thanks for watching.