Family of Kurdish mathematics prize-winner responds to public reaction

The parents of the man who has just received the highest award in mathematics, thousands kilometers away from his hometown. They are watching the achievement of his son on the Kurdistan 24 TV channel in the village of Ne in Mariwan, Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhilat). Majid, Caucher’s father, says the pride is for all the people of Kurdistan. Many seem as delighted as Caucher’s family. People are ecstatic about it from the bottom of their hearts. I thank them all. May everyone be as successful, especially the people of Kurdistan. This is Haider, Caucher’s older brother, whom the mathematics professor lists as his main motivator. He has been receiving guests and warm calls from
well-wishers since Caucher’s award was announced. He often watches news about his brother on Kurdistan 24 TV and thanks many for their congratulatory messages. We thank people very much. Once the news was on social media and TV, they all started to contact us. We also congratulate people for that. We tell them that a person like Caucher does not only belong to one family, but rather to a village, a city, and a nation. We also thank people for holding special ceremonies and events in honor of Caucher’s achievement. Caucher Birkar’s family are delighted that he has became a source of pride for them, as well as for 40 million Kurds around the world who are proud of him. Following the award, Caucher said he hoped that the prize will bring a smile to the face of 40 million others. On his official Facebook account, Caucher dedicated the award to the Kurdish people. The people of Ne on Thursday evening held a special event for his success and showing obvious joy. Kamil Bokani reporting for Kurdistan 24. English subtitles by Mewan Dolamari
Editing by John J. Catherine