Faça você mesmo | Open Source Ecology | Preparando o Futuro

right now the world’s productive power is controlled by a few giant corporations the products are expensive their designs are secret and to make things worse we’re now seeing these same companies engineer their products to fail over time simply to increase profits I saw this problem and I thought we have all the tools available to make this machinery for ourselves and with the internet we can distribute our designs for next to nothing so I bought some land and started building from our location in Missouri we’re developing low-cost modular tools that anyone can build and we’re sharing our designs on the internet free of charge people who need equipment are typically once you can reach the port the applications are anything from third world development to a dying farming community to standard economic enterprise the point is that we make equipment available to everyone who needs it open source ecology is a project it’s in practice we’re working on the global village Construction Set which is a set of the 50 industrial machines that it takes to build a small civilization with modern comforts it’s everything that you need to provide your energy food housing and other technologies very little true collaboration really happens you know any of the patent systems like I’m gonna pounce you if you’re gonna try to learn from me and do better than I I did the beautiful thing about the open-source development method is that you produce the plans you you give a lot to the community and then stuff starts coming back and then the products get better and better everybody wins other day I get an email someone who’s built the compress the earth risk trust Wow hey that looks exactly like Mike I forget exactly how I ran into open source ecology but I think I was destined to find it just from my interest in natural building and open source I just seemed to make sense to use this machine here for for building our house so when I saw the designs looking at how I was going to build it I noticed that some of the code could use improving and the board that does the controlling could also use evening there’s actually quite a few people who would have never thought that they could build a house and by kind of like showing them hey look like I’ve never built the house before I’ve never done hydraulics before but it seems to be working a lot of times we think this kind of work is impossible to build your own living environment for me it’s been the most transformative experience I’ve learned that I can do it and I want to show that to others what if everybody were to join together to make the best products most robust products they’re open source that anyone has access to producing them and therefore we can run an economy in a collaborative way as opposed to a competitive wasteful way we can build this kind of stuff it’s this mythology of incompetents or our tower control that got us to think that we can’t do things for ourselves but we have the power so I would inspire people to go out and build yourself you