Episode 29 – Anthropology Fun

JACK: Hello again camera My old friend EMILY: [Offscreen] we’re on our way to the National History Museum JACK: And I’m pumped EMILY: Pumped? I though you were jacked? JACK: Oh I am jacked. EMILY: HANDS ON THE WHEEL I should have never let you drive [INTRO] EMILY: I should have asked Charlie to take me. JACK: Well then maybe you should have EMILY: I should have. Charlie’s great. JACK: We should’ve brought Jeff. That’s who we should’ve gotten. EMILY: NO JACK: Yeah we should go back for them! EMILY: No. That is a terrible idea! JACK: It’s a great idea. Or just Jeff. EMILY: Do you even hear yourself? JACK: Yeah. I hear myself loud and clear! Oh yeah! I’ll give him a call! EMILY: Oh my god! No! JACK: I’m gonna call Jeff JEFF [on phone] What up bitch? Jack! JACK: JEFFFFF [Both screaming each other’s names] JEFF: Hi Jack. JACK: Hey Jeff. JEFF: I’m not doing much. Just headed to my pole dancing class. JACK: Aw yeah. EMILY: What? JEFF: It’s giving me the greatest ass in the midwest. Who dat? JACK: This is Emily. JEFF: Emily? JACK: Yeah! JEFF: Annie’s old roommate Emily? JACK: Yup. The one and only. JEFF: OH?!? JACK: mmmm JEFF: [kissy noises] JEFF: OH?!? JACK: And we’re done here. [hangs up] [no talking] EMILY: Oh great we’re here! JACK: Jeff’s an ass. EMILY: Hey so we just got back from the museum. And it was so cool. Dr. Roz’s exhibit was amazing! We loved it! And I just. I got so much information for my info! And after we were done We went and looked at everything else and it was just a great way to spend the day! But I stand by the fact that I should have asked Charlie to take me! JACK: [offscreen] Hey! I’m not that bad, am I? EMILY: Sure, you’re not.