Environmental Sociology 2017 Orientation

Hello, and welcome to our Summer, 2017, session of Environmental Sociology I’m Dr. Fulkerson, and I’ll be your instructor. You can see, I’ve already logged into the blackboard site. at blackboard.oneonta.edu. You will have to do the same thing, when our class will be held. When you are logged in, you will come to our home page here. You will see a link to our video, that you are watching right now. You will also see some of the initial instructions. What we will do is just kind of go through this shell. Look at how it’s laid out and how it is going to go over the summer. If we click on the syllabus page, There is the syllabus, and I want you to go through that on your own. I’m not going to go through that. I will just show you where it is. You can download it and look at it. I will also have you look at the very end of it, which is a calendar. You might want to print this out. It lays out dates, essentially, we have five modules, and five weeks. Each week we’ve got, generally, two discussions. And an exam. And, a couple of small papers. We will be writing those for the semester. Let’s go ahead and take a look at Module 0. We’ve got this orientations video.. a link to the syllabus, we’ve got a couple of ungraded discussions. I would like you to participate in them. If you click on the discussions link, over here on the left You will see those… So, here is the Meet your Classmate, and that is how we’ll get to know each other. And, Ask a Question–just ask any kind of question you like. Just to kind of get familiar. When you are done with that, it says to begin Module 1 immediately. If we go to that, we can begin our work. Each module is laid out the same way, it all corresponds to the syllabus. We’ve got an objective, we’ve got a What is Due and When section. We got a set of presentations, these are some youtube videos. We’ve got a set of readings. Hopefully, you’ve found your textbooks. The key one is by Bell and Ashwod. We’ve also got the Lester Brown book. We’ve got discussions. Down here, we’ve got exams. The way it usually works, is for every week of the semester, On Monday and Tuesday we’re going to have a discussion. On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll have the second discussion. On Friday, we’ll have the exam. As we start working on some of the papers, those will be due on Mondays. We don’t have any paper due the first week. You watch the videos, you read the directions, When your ready to do the first discussion, for instance, It says to click the Discussion link in the left pane, under Assignments. All of the assignments, whenever you have to do something, it’s all right here. There’s the discussion link. There’s discussion 1, and so on… You just click there, and begin. Every discussion requires an initial post. You won’t see anybody else’s post, until you have posted something yourself. We also require two replies. Once you have posted, you go to somebody else’s post.. You write a reply. You do that twice for each discussion. And, exams, you can click the link there… They will appear here, though I know you don’t see it. They are all there, they are just out of view. There are five exams, one for each week. The first one will appear on the 26th. The second on the second. You will see on the syllabus when exams are due. Each exam is offered through a 24 hour window. This is Friday from 12am to 11:59pm. We will get in a routine as we go through the semester. We have a semester policy paper, It has a couple of pieces, the first thing you will do is give me a topic, at the end of the second module/week of the class. I will respond to your topic, and then you will begin working on a literature review. You have two weeks to work on that. That will be coming up due on, on the 16th so you have go two weeks to work on the literature review. Sorry, it’s due the 19th I will give you feedback, and that will be part of the final paper. If we go back to look at the Full Policy Paper It involves four pieces, You will be writing each one at a time. when the literature review is done, all that is left is the theoretical interpretation and the policy proposal. I will say more about these assignments as they get closer. That’s just a quick look at the class. You can check your grades by clicking on Grade Center. If you have any questions, just come to the homepage. You can find my email address here. You can always email me with private issues. If you have, any kind of question that might effect the whole class, please use the Ask a Question discussion forum. And that will do it! I look forward to our time together. Thank you!