Environmental science for a world where people and nature prosper

The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
is an independent, not-for-profit research centre carrying out excellent
environmental science across water, land and air. We seek to understand the
environment and the human impact on it, so that, together, people and nature can
prosper. Our 500 scientists, based across four UK sites, specialise in investigating, monitoring and modelling environmental change. We generate the data and insights that researchers, businesses and governments need to tackle critical
environmental challenges. Our science makes a difference,
underpinning environmental policies, commercial innovation and conservation
action all around the world. Improving air quality in megacities is a
huge challenge that is critical for people’s health. We’re experts in
monitoring and identifying pollutants in the air. Our network of flux towers
streams data to our servers at 20 samples per second, information which we use to design effective strategies for reducing air pollution in London, New
Delhi, Beijing and beyond. Floods and droughts have the potential
for immense destruction of homes, crops, wildlife and infrastructure. Our scientists measure and model water resources in order to help predict, mitigate and manage the impacts of floods and droughts. We work with
partners across sub-Saharan Africa, China, India and South-east Asia to build local
capacity in water resource monitoring, analysis and modelling. And we translate
our research into practical tools and methods to support better planning,
response and recovery. Invasive non-native species threaten biodiversity
and national economies. We study how non-native species become established,
and we create models that predict how these species spread, looking at drivers
such as climate change, land-use change and globalization. Our understanding of
invasive species informs biosecurity planning, interventions and policy at
local, national and international scales. Population growth and changing diets are
driving the ever-increasing use of land for agriculture. We work at scale with commercial farmers to understand the limitations of food
production, monitor the impact of agriculture on the environment and
develop new sustainable farming systems. Healthy ecosystems underpin food
production, so we provide tools and data to plan future land use. We believe that the best solutions are
co-designed and co-delivered so our strategic partnerships cross borders,
sectors and disciplines. Talk to us about how our evidence-based science can help
you to understand, mitigate and manage environmental change.