English Conversation – Grey’s Anatomy by Viviana & Louis E

I’m here with Viviana again. Today, we’re gonna work a special TV show that is called Grey’s Anatomy. I’m gonna start asking Viviana some questions related to this important series. Ok, let’s get started with the first one. Tell me, who are the main characters in Grey’s Anatomy okay, in Grey’s Anatomy, the main characters are the interns especially, Meredith okay And, some attendings like Derek, who’s a neurosurgeon Derek and Nazi Her nickname is Nazi physicians like, like, Webber Exactly and there are like even more people like the interns like Izzie, George The interns are Cristina, George, Alex, Izzie. exactly perfect. Let’s talk about Meredith. So, at the beginning of the first episode As you know She was having, like kind of saying, an affair with Derek right so in this case, they continue with that relationship or they stopped their relationship as soon as Derek discovered that Meredith was like the intern inside the hospital that he’s working Okay, first chapters they don’t have a relationship They have an affair but after that, they aren’t having a relationship but Derek is trying to do it. And they kind of separated right so they don’t keep on their relationship, in this case And What about Derek? Okay, Derek is an attending neurosurgeon So it could be difficult for Meredith because he is in a different level Yeah he’s in a different rank right and that’s why that maybe they prefer like to like to stop their relationship and to stay away
from each other, right Yes, because they could be, could have some problems in the hospital Exactly because it’s not allowed like to have relationships inside the hospital okay, let’s talk about Izzie Who is Izzie? As you know related to the third episode she was like a well-known
model in the past before being like a in this case a doctor How was that life? okay, we can say about Izzie in the first three chapters that she had to model in order to pay their medicine studies and that’s why she is out of debt now yes, now she didn’t have And that’s why that there is like a another intern, that is Alex So Alex we can describe him like the joker,
that all the time is looking for problems or something like that between the interns and he’s kind of a bragger sometimes right He’s a difficult person and sometimes he takes advantage of the opportunities Exactly he have any problem if he can hurt somebody Yeah there’s something important that once in one of the episodes
he just took advantage of something why? because he was part of a surgery which surgery? you remember that part related to that episode that as you know Cristina and Meredith we’re like finding out like the exact
issue related to that patient right n this case Alex just took advantage
of that situation and he was part of the surgery like to be part of the surgery you get the best stations in their
circles exactly I’m just trying to take it back in time he just wanted to get a
recommendation with the color Bronx that you said we’re not also there is like
another guy that is completely different than King that is Church lurch is like a
tiny person is that a quiet person he’s very responsible
he’s kind of sometimes he was kind of disappeared with one patient but what
that is the name of the patient is Mackey exactly two people and in the survey for
intimidation exactly yeah that patient was killing
our camp right and that’s what that he will be feeling uncomfortable with that
situation and he doesn’t say like as Meredith and Cristina believe I don’t
know his sexual orientation right well his nerve is no gig he has like a crash
on melting let’s say we’re renowned subtle related to the patients as a rock
we have seen like a little difficult situation with some patients first of
all in the first episode as you know we said that there was a leave her ladies
gate that she was having some seizures what was happening with that lady the a lot of this image technologies and
the very need in this world chicken the basic cut as okay master at the beginning as well
Meredith didn’t care about making a good way to process you’ll remember like a
Kate was suffering like a bad answer like a bad murmured and she was having
like a little seizures Meredith didn’t care about lady treatment in a good way
the procedure in this case in a great way
and that’s why I personally like to use the electric palette to dictate and you
lose thing in some electrical machine and yeah okay let’s talk about a guy
that was named in Sykesville John Doe what happened to John Doe so it was a party with a
that is fine they’re gonna close up he didn’t wake up
exactly I mean these days that’s why that person had barely needed it to wait
for six hours like average of between and five and six hours for some lovers who watch he who have
any response or meaning if he
really exactly that’s why the for example in these states Christina easy
we’re not going out late to do something with the organs what happened with the
events we’ve done those organs see that all information exactly but he had some
problems so there are bracing basically they were not going out when to harvest
bitterness that is that can really turn back to forget somebody that’s why
they’re Maki that was your patient he remembered effort he could continue
any required math you know so patient that needs john doe’s order in this case
john doe’s neighbor mr. Cruz whatever mr. Cruz mr. Pearce’s had an accident it
was supposed like to have an accident and he was just working I just ripped
after them he was holding out like name time after
their return six names were invading his brain yeah in this case what happened
with there she was interesting you know how yeah
because it was suppose that teachers have the names in his brain yeah kick
out some sentence very easy men’s misery unless you ever get brain tumor is
locating one side of the brain you remember that is like kind of saying
I came in the center of the brain and that’s why that for example like in
these things the average teen years and mr. Cruz can keep his memory with a
between five and ten years but yes for most American treatments once with
therapy but maybe he could reduce in size but it’s
correctly yes something that could have to be very soon but they will imitate their memo but in
the other direction they could walk right past our audit but maybe he could
have cope with the problems after that okay that’s why his wife’s honor yes
starting with marital violence because there is something that the doctors can
do another leg with it in this case with the patient what are those things in
this case they are not allowed to give advice were not bullshitting insufficiently from who days
and it’s this equation shows about exactly this case in the rifle the basis
was rather sordid it’s a bit more in hope of survival but maybe he could have
some compromise a little this melody or a conservative option we funded observe
their personality innovation so in this case would be a different feeling so that’s why that they in this case a
patient’s wife the starkest are American yes of course
then decision in their opinion but the decision from the punch
yeah it’s not an airway for depreciation they too many decisions for a patient’s
family industries okay perfect there is another gallery that is in this age
hyper hyper hyper is a typewriter you remember that ever there was making
one of the episodes it was like a challenge between back writers and they
start fighting over them right in the streets so that’s what that a fiber have
like something like spokes in his abdomen right Mary did was taking care
of him so what happened with those folks and Bailey in tigers at Dominick’s again
the transfer Alex was running to take care of those but this to see this
partition immediately
after that people because the exactly as an Arab that was not a
nightly correct procedure as it’s a can reality camera because he just like
pulled I won’t expose and that was a rerun and that’s what the tiger does are
related to the hospital and what happened with a abdomen in these games see ya they needed to go through another
circle after in this case lights were remotely like the clock right because it
looks like a clock whatever who needs this is another implementation inside a
box Realtors that native was like that and they have in this case married it’s
permanent means they have read something in common apart from being that includes
friends they were like workaholic there because they just wanted it to be inside
a hospital words okay especially he was releasing the socratic cancer and she
was on but in the first part they are thinking about the facility with a survey but after that they lovely
said she was really sick she sang she’s nothing to surprise her by doing the
procedure so they had dance taking care of her exactly that’s where I got it for
example she sang out of a girl can I write that pass that way she has today but another nurses whatever like you tell me like at 4:00
that is called DNR right the DNR same justification needs to have a consent of
the time so he is just a patient decision okay as a child we have like
nice that was a close friend in his 80s mom Ellis what about ladies what was
happening within us because as I told you she was like that word the whole way
and she is one a nature work in the hospital
long hours what was happening what was wrong with her because a burning to
Meredith she will say the person now that in just browning but as you know
it’s the truth because their Morrissey the problem is that it is was one of the
best surgeons of the country dr. jehad and the bow ties a word is a breakfast
and she is very there is like a national concern in
these Eddie’s like disease in his face on summer
there’s hammers disease is because she was working all the time down hours and
she didn’t do exercise or pigment and effectiveness services the only person that does she kept in
mind was nice because as we were talking want to remember me with intervention
versus a you preserve a part of your memory require a small quantity had to
say memory is again this is a forget everything at the same
time something that we focus so what is circular Nancy
whatever messy Nancy’s like that doesn’t like the most amazing woman inside as
well okay one of the recipes hi and he’s just breaking key for initial travelers of
cheese and change the limits of what other patients
well the interesting is a what what am i witnessed on personnel because she’s
like so reminder she’s bless her she’s like on friendly terms is her choice
needs her new teenagers they’re giving orders personality she’s always taking
care of their parents unless detonates but relationships with
patients or at least that we have my soccer related to these women that you
have that is some basically some rules or debate form a new interns initiatives
what are those rules dumb dumb waiter don’t wake her up right and the other
one is there as you know as soon as you move