Elon Musk’s Secret Goal-Setting Hack

once you’ve created that your
overarching goals whether that’s making electric cars more affordable the
ability to live on Mars or just making more efficient batteries it’s time to
list the tasks and the check points that you’ll need in order to achieve that
goal everyone can set a goal but not everyone
can accomplish their goals like Elon Musk not all of these tasks have to be
completed by you or have to be completed at the moment use something called the
Eisenhower matrix to split up your tasks and organize what has to be done today
whether that’s by you or others in order to reach your goal so what is an
Eisenhower matrix the Eisenhower matrix was named after the US President Dwight
Eisenhower Eisenhower had a lot of powerful positions throughout his life
just like Elon including the first Supreme Commander of NATO the matrix he
created separates tasks and a four main sections based on urgency and importance
organizing tasks through the Eisenhower matrix allows you to prioritize your
tasks and focus on the ones that will most effectively help you accomplish
your goals quicker Eisenhower matrices can be used for daily weekly or monthly
tasks and the four sections of the Eisenhower matrix are due scheduled
delegate and eliminate now I’ve actually used this exact formula the Eisenhower
matrix to write an e-book about 120 productivity hacks just for you if
you’re interested you can check it out after this video so how do we prioritize
tasks with this new Eisenhower matrix when you start your day write down a
list of tasks that you have to complete as you look at each task ask yourself
some following questions is it important that I complete this task right now how
urgent is a task when must it actually be completed by how important is my
personal supervision and participation in this task do I actually need to be in
a certain place to complete the task or maybe even sign documents and where does
this task need to be completed are there any other tasks that I can
complete alongside this task or I’m in the same place this simple assessment is
critical for batching and prioritizing your tasks throughout the day if you
haven’t watched any of my other videos batching tasks is a term used to
describe a process of grouping similar tasks together based on what you have to
do or where the tasks have to be completed so let’s move on to actually
explaining what the four quadrants of the eisenhower matrix actually are so
the first one is due now these tasks are the most important and the most urgent
tasks on your checklist out of all the tasks of the day you should be able to
check these tasks off your list by the end of the day or the end of the week
once you have organized your task into the eisenhower matrix it’s time to check
the Dune out Escalus off your list when you’re
creating the do now quadrant consider your schedule for the day in what tasks
you can actually batch together if you see a list of similar tasks and your do
later or your delegate quadrant which we’ll talk about later including tasks
that must be completed in the same location consider putting all these
tasks together if you want to organize your day even further make a list of
times when you will complete each of your do now tasks I recommend setting
deadlines for when you consider now rather than later you want to do all of
your do now tasks by noon or maybe 5:00 in the afternoon or by the end of this
week include a specific time in your do now task in order to keep you on track
the next quadrant is to do later which also means this schedule quadrant tasks
that are important but they’re not urgent they can be placed in the do
later quadrant once you put these tasks in the do later quadrant do not leave
them alone you need to schedule them if these tasks are meant to be put off in
the future schedule a time in the future that you will actually move them into
the do now quadrant and then address these tasks on your to-do list and if
you’re familiar with Stephens Covey similar matrix you’ll understand that
this category of things that are important but not urgent usually require
the most focus because if you can finish them in time you’ll have nothing in the
importance and urgent quadrant which can also be called emergencies
remember these tasks are also still important but just not as urgent they
don’t need to be done right now do later tasks still have to get done just not
today or this week unimportant tasks should be placed in the eliminate
quadrant which is something we’ll talk about shortly the next quadrant is the
delegation tasks tasks might also be important but they also might not
require your supervision these tasks should be delegated to others delegating
or outsourcing big tasks as someone can be hard for people who like to be in
control but it can be an enormous help when your to-do list is piling up and
running out of time in fact Elon Musk is a master of using leverage which is
allowing other people to accomplish a task they may be better at or even
quicker at while he can work on the tasks that have the highest return of
value to him so how do you know if a task should be delegated if the
following statements apply you can hand this task off to someone else
if you’re not required to sign off or even be present for those tasks you
should probably delegate them if you have a team member an employee or a
friend who has the time and the skills to do that task for you or maybe even
better you should probably outsource it and if
you can effectively communicate your goals and the direction to the person
who is taking over the task also you should probably outsource it depending
on the length of each task you may need follow up with a person who is now
taking on that task also consider any editing or feedback that you might need
in order to complete the task while you’re creating your task list training
people to delegate for you is important otherwise your work and your final
output might suffer and the people that you’re training their bad habits will be
reinforced over time now these are great examples of do later tasks that you can
schedule throughout the rest of your day or week also the act of delegating your
initial tasks should be part of your do now list of tasks so that you can get
these tasks completed as soon as possible by having someone else do them
handing the task over to one person saves you the time of voicing your
objectives the standards and the feedback throughout the job if you do it
right and you train someone correctly you will get consistent results and the
last quadrant is to eliminate tasks that are unimportant and they’re not urgent
can be placed in the eliminate category this list does not have to be eliminated
completely but it should be set aside until all of your other tasks are
completed scheduled or delegated the goal of this quadrant is to focus on the
more important task if you try to cram too many tasks into one day each task
might be completed in a rush and the quality of work will suffer so instead
prioritize the quality of your work over the quantity of tick marks that you can
add to your to-do list once you have set up an eisenhower
matrix for your day it’s time to get started on your do now tasks I hope this
video helped you understand something called an eisenhower matrix and
ultimately helps you become more productive understanding the eisenhower
matrix is just one of a bunch of productivity hacks you can use to
increase your efficiency all the way up to Elon Musk’s level if you’re
interested I’ve actually written an entire ebook including 119 other
productivity life hacks that you can utilize yourself to start accomplishing
your goals even quicker check out the link in the description if you’re
interested and thank you guys so much for watching I hope you got value in
this video and I’ll see you in the next one