Edinboro University Chemistry Department

I was part of a lab this summer during my research internship that was researching cancer immunology and specifically I was working on an advanced stage melanoma treatment. Internships and other types of practicum experiences are really important at both the undergraduate and graduate level here at Edinboro. The chemistry faculty work very closely with students as early as their second year to help identify good internship opportunities that they can participate in. Every professor here on the University campus has some connections some kind of lineage as they call it for their for their PhD for their advisees. When you find some quality students or some students that have potential for research I have connections that allows me to actually you know oh I have this great student you guys have a summer program you know can I send them to you. A young woman who as a junior went to do an internship at what was then the Allegheny County coroner’s office in Pittsburgh. She was hired there when she graduated, she is still there and she has been promoted to be the head of their division of laboratories and she is also an adjunct professor in the forensics program at Duquesne University. It all started with her internship. Student internships train you to be a lot more independent than typical undergraduate laboratories where you’re typically supervised at all times. During my summer internship I worked almost entirely unsupervised and it was a very great experience. I had to fully understand and comprehended what I was doing and what was happening and so to do and in doing that I was able to become independent and I was able to troubleshoot and plan new experiments and things like that. One of the things that I push for anyone coming in for a visit to Edinboro University is look at all of the equipment we have. You will use this throughout your entire career because as an undergraduate student preparing them for a degree in chemistry but also preparing them for a profession in chemistry it’s important that they can use that equipment and understand what’s going on. We give them hands-on experience and research quality instrumentation. Our students have touched and used and double shot these instruments prior to going for their internship so they’re they’re ready when we send them out. It was great being able to walk into that program already knowing a handful of different methods that are very practical for an organic chemist to know so I’ve definitely felt well-prepared. We’ve had a lot of students who really their internship experiences had major impacts on their career.