Ecology members’ projects – Jessie and George

The St. Clements site as a development
is on the former St. Clements hospital which was a workhouse and an
asylum and most recently NHS. The London Community Land Trust secured 23 CLT
homes on the site and we were living in Tower Hamlets for nine years before we
got priced out essentially and had to move to the very edges of London,
bordering Kent, and our accommodation was temporary and we were living in a
building that was planned for demolition. We were informed about Ecology through
the London CLT that were keen to be involved with this new model in London.
To actually move in and live here is just incredible. I’m really grateful to
the London CLT because it’s a new build and it’s really clean, it’s really light,
it’s incredibly quiet and we’re on the back of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, so
it’s really beautiful woodland. This particular site here is the first one
of its kind in London and that’s really significant because of course we know
that house prices and land values here in the capital city are extortionate, and
I think what’s, you know, most fantastic to be a part of is the fact that these
homes are genuinely affordable and they remain affordable in perpetuity.