Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health – Bede Nriagu

– I looked at occupations
that have been associated with poor cardiovascular health in women. So this study looked at the
different top 20 occupations amongst U.S. women. So it looked at how these occupations are a risk factor for poor
cardiovascular health. So in our study, we did adjust
for confounding variables like age, race, marital
status, and education. So we found that the women who
worked as registered nurses, who worked as social workers, and who worked as home health aides had higher risk of poor
cardiovascular health. On the other side, we found
that women who worked as secretaries and administrative assistants, women who worked as realtors had a lower risk of poor
cardiovascular health. Our findings could be used to aid targeted health promotion services and preventive services
in the American workplace. Thank you so much. (calm music)